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The essence of wishes in Life
If wishes were tangible, like gallant steeds,
Beggars would ride through their dire needs.
If each coin carried within it a seed,
The destitute would sow, fulfilling their need.

But ponder, what worth a horse mere in thought?
Or money that blossoms, but can't be bought?
It's not enough to dream, to yearn, to pine,
Action's the force to make wishes align.

Wishes must be nurtured, like a seed in soil,
Cultivated with labor, not just in toil.
For dreams to flourish, they need our care,
Patience and diligence, beyond compare.

Each wish, each desire, a seed to sow,
But it's the sweat and toil that make them grow.
Watered by effort, under the sun's warm rays,
Dreams sprout and flourish in mysterious ways.

So heed this lesson, in life's grand scheme,
Wishes alone are but a fleeting dream.
It's the labor and love that bring them to life,
Nurturing them through struggles and strife.
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