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taking life for granted can stop two people from reconciling their differences.
For granted, yes I took it,
because I thought we still had time,
and even though you might have let it go,
Pride, I held onto mine.

You attempted to reach out to me,
many times to apologize,
I sat there hearing your words,
emotionally paralyzed.

We laughed, we cried,
we stared into silence,
the memories of our childhood,
growing up in violence.

You protected me as a child,
I was to young too understand,
The pain and suffering you went through,
from a dark and hurtful man.

I don't know why I was angry,
and why I felt a certain way,
I allowed the years to go by,
before God took you away.

Your final years we opened up,
and I'm glad we forgave each other,
For granted, yes I took it,
never thought I'd lose my brother.
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