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Growing up without a father, the dark truth behind it hurts.
Two paths, two brothers,
aside one another,
your experience and mine,
was different with our father.

I remember sitting back,
allowing you to speak,
the moment you revealed to me,
a father who made you weak.

The weakness, the fear,
that he placed into your mind;
the truth, of what was done,
the ugliness was unkind.

Growing up, I always asked how,
a father could leave his boys.
the thought while he was hurting you,
I was outside playing with toys.

Unaware of what was going on,
it pains my heart to know,
A coward, of a father we had,
didn't allow you to grow.

Your childhood was taken from you,
you grew into being a man,
throughout all your ups and downs,
God helped you understand.

There's good and there's bad,
In this place we call our home,
there was never a time though,
That God left you alone.

I believe, that day I sat with you,
was the day God gave you light,
to brighten the dark days of your past,
cause you no longer had to fight.

He lifted the pain in your heart,
dried up all your tears,
so you no longer had to worry,
or to live with fear.

The ache I felt,
knowing what was done,
how could a father,
ever hurt his son?

But, now you're gone,
and I'm sad you left us here,
brother I miss you so much,
I'm glad no longer, you live in fear.

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