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Hey there, yellow trees- Green fawn and a sunny pond.
Hey there, yellow trees
Green fawn and a sunny pond.
I see a swan across the rippling water,
Addicting breeze makes the summer a little less hotter.
I can see no love with my daughter
Her green eyes, like sparkling fauna
Telling a distant tale through whispered winds and rustling leaves,
I guess this means I must take my leave
One last stroll through this addicting breeze.

There's a storm on the other side,
I'm not sure what this means in my last days-
Everything is such a daze.
I meant it when I said it was a crave.
All I ever wanted to feel was wanted,
Was that too much to ask for? Just to be vaulted?

Where are we in life?
Is it time we take our last stride
Or do we reach out one last time
To see all we've missed
And live all we misunderstood-
Summer's kiss upon my skin,
Memories dance, where do they begin?
Like leaves on trees, they spin and spin,
The universe has us all pinned.

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