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A poem about love and how its perceived through the eyes of one deeply in love.
How long does love last?

A day? A month? A year? A lifetime?

No. We cannot measure love by such measly terms as time.

Let us instead measure it in moments.

A first glance. A first awareness of one another's existence.

A first exchange of words. A gentle touch. A soft smile. Boisterous laughter shared while our hearts whispered and our souls roared.

Are you who my heart pleaded to the stars for?

Who my soul wept for in the void?

I am a black hole.

Swallowing whole galaxies just to exist in the same moment as you.

I am a supernova, collapsing in on itself, trading solitude and peace for the creation of something new and terrifying.


Together we will find the edge of space and carve our own measure of what we are.

Just hold on tight so that when the gravity tugs, we stay upright. Unbroken and unbent.

This is our measure.

How we hold each other's sky up.

Let us brighten our stars so much with our love that the sun may not blind us when we gaze upon her, hands and hearts clasped tight.

That is how long love lasts to one who loves haphazardly. wholly and as vicious as a supernova, until all is dust and ash beneath our feet.

But our hands and hearts are still holding tight. Our souls still sing as one.

This is how we should measure love.
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