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The manliness of a good start and glorious end is frankness and purity - a poem.
A beautiful start and glorious end -
A frankness which convictions send;
That purity and strength descend.
A purpose, prize, to chase, upend…

In gratified and happy days,
The news of progress, lesser haze! 
For future reverence, wholesome praise.
Shall blanket children, sweetly graze.

Veinous toxins, not as taxing;
Mesmerized by lumbered axing -
Bearded plaid, with girlfriend maxing…
Saintly sheikh’s most vile relaxing…

The voices of our new forebear;
The mighty shall implore they share,
An understood, provider’s care,
Some kindly and respectful stare…

Parents, teachers, friends unseen -
Loved ones’ decent, morals glean.
Officials check the bloody scene,
Despicable trolls, his hubris green.

Splendored arches, dust shall slowly
Merrily settle, becoming holy…
Amongst the maze of shadows, mole-y…
Ground hogs, foxes, wolves quite lowly. 

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