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A poem about life's magic

It started as a sparkle,

that at its sight I would startle

That was when as a child,

my second sight still undefiled

And at magic I would delight,

before the world dimmed the sight

Before adulthood had its way,

and took the magic away

As I have slowly matured,

my world now more secured

I can see the sparkle again,

if only now and then

And with it comes promise,

and also a strange solace

So as life begins its twilight,

I make magic my highlight

Because it was fear you see,

that took my magic from me

But with less life ahead,

the fears run from my head

I have found fear in the end,

was never going to be my friend

Frank said it is the little death,

the thing that loves to steal my breath

The answers were here all along,

but life made it seem all wrong

No longer afraid of the dark,

my mind again makes that spark

So the high road I will take,

and my mind will be wide awake

Because to never again see the magic,

now that would be truly tragic
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