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We always think we have enough time, for whatever we need to fix. Don't let time slip.
Months and years passed, we didn't even speak.
Text were left unread, I'd respond the following week.

I pushed the time, thinking that's what we had.
My grudge gave me anger; Now I'm left here sad.

If we could have fixed, what was left unspoken.
I wouldn't feel lost, with a heart that's broken.

I find the cards you would write to me,
A big brother was all you wanted to be.

I took for granted we had forever.
Even the small time we spent together.

So just know, I'm sorry for my wrong doing,
My most hurtful moment, was at your viewing.

I wanted to scream and yell, but I sat and cried.
All the time wasted to see you, was due to my pride.

I love you, my brother; I miss you too.
I'm going to make you proud; I will see this through.

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