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by MJones
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This poem of mishap and mirth was inspired by the prompt "I can't say".
A Golf Hazard
WC: 127
LC: 37

I was caught off-guard
on a bright sunny day
at the driving range
while preparing to play.

I began my swing
when I heard someone call
a word of warning
‘bout a small dimpled ball.

FORE! and then louder
but a little too late
I guessed the golf gods
would determine my fate.

As luck would have it
they didn’t want me dead
only to suffer
a bad blow to my head.

As both knees buckled
I collapsed to the ground
“HELP!”, someone shouted
any doctors around?

Opening my eyes
I saw millions of stars
So I knew right then
there’d be no putts or pars.

But what else happened?
to this day I can’t say
amnesia’s to blame
for it being that way.
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