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My first piece and is really special to me and I will try to write more.
I think...

Am I going to make it though life?
Will I ever see my brother again?
Could I beat the next level in life and explore the world like I'm meant to?
Will I meet the love of my life?

I see...

The boy in the mirror who thinks he's a hero.
My dog's playing in the summer grass that's yet to come.
My family getting smaller as the time goes on.
In my dreams I see a little boy underneath a willow tree.

I hear...

The music blasting through my ears to put my thoughts to sleep.
The cars screaming as they pass beside me.
The girls whisper about the new boy, who feels all alone.
Birds singing a beautiful morning song for the world to hear.

I say...

Hello to my friends when I get to school.
My goodbyes to my old friends and say hello to the new ones in the visible future.
My goodbyes to the ones I've lost along the way.
I say hello to the new faces that come before me.

I go...

Where my dreams take me and my destiny takes me.
Where my legs are willing to take me in life.
In a maze of thoughts of the present, future ,and my past.
On a small walk with my friends at school for lunch.

I feel...

The different emotions that come and go as they please.
The hope and hopelessness playing a game of ring around the rosy in my head.
The anxiety hiding in fear until the dawn of hope arrives.
The sense of hope when the dawn comes and darkness disappears.

I am me
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