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Throw strikes and balls with energy, enthusiasm, & emotion - enjoy your life - a mind poem
When folks boil over,
They may freak out or feel vulnerable,
Or weakened;
Grief and sadness may
Reach all-time lows
When faced with the perilous processes
That circumstances prescribe;
Self image becomes reduced
To a flood of murderous doubts.
The fun which a person has,
Or ever will have,
Appears to dissipate -
Evil evokes a scarcity of ethical truths;
And fear takes hold…
Humanity undergoes the dire threat
Of consequences
Which make survival glimmer
Dismally and seem able
To dispatch people
With a sense of pall;
Here comes the rain pouring down,
Trailing far behind the hope
These true meritocracies
Are often willing and able
To timelessly achieve. 

Coaches, trainers, teachers,
And parental support will expertly
Attempt to inspire down-and-out persons
To believe in the totality
Of the future…
They will describe the utmost importance
Of trust and self-absorption,
The furthest of genesis incipient
To one’s opportunity;
An opponent appears time-tested and supreme,
And totally uncaring in an unconscious way…
But truth only feigns their victims
With repeated, abusive words and pictures. 
The coping of these youth
And desperate adults relies
On their big-picture divulgence -
A turnabout known for its original perceptions
Of performance which is deemed
Possible, doable, extremely experiential,
And focused on experimental excellence;
Exclusivity, and awesome powers
Attainable through love for the activity
Or engagement, journey, or spiritually
Vital measuring sticks!!!

Like and love tremendously,
What oneself does
On a daily basis -

Fit the work and responsibilities in,
And experience the joys
And mental spontaneity
Of vacationing
With the gatherings
And command of one’s community -
Join the party,
And move analytically
From page to page of the latest,
Wonderful edition -
And strum the guitars and banjos
Of a mock masterpiece
Of jokes and stereotypical meat;
A momentous strike in baseball
Is thrown with excitement
And emotional enthusiasm,
And energy can be regained
And restored to its brilliant
And latest fullness!!!

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