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Rated: ASR · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2315530
Terrifying, griping tale of what the children went through
Alien: The River of Pain: Saga of the Hadley Hope children.
* Sometime after the events of Aliens when communication with the Colony, Hadely's Hope is lost*
Sporadic gunfire had begun again outside in the command center; the surviving colonist, mainly children and the spouses hunkered
down among the cots, and desks, and discarded computer equipment. They all wondered how did the "aliens" get in to that
part of the complex. Just a week ago, the management had told them it was safe; with all activity being ceased on and around
the sprawling complex, their was no need to worry about any attacks. Either someone was wrong about how the "aliens" search
their prey, or that even staying put in one place doesn't prevent them from finding where the humans are.
Only hours ago, the mechanics and technicians , who were to be replacements for the local police force which was either all
abducted by the "aliens", or wiped out were finishing up the task in the motor pool when an attack occurred without warning.

The group of people working in the motor pool were mostly perplexed about having to hurry up and finish their tasks.
They were told not to be out of the immediate area, to be told they can only be in a certain area with an armed escort.
Now, they were being told they were not only to be restricted to the motor pool ( garage ) but, they were to assemble
in operations and be given assess to fire arms to aid in fighting some kind of creatures which were attacking people all
over the complex. Had they been given more guidance on what to do about the equipment in the motor pool, they would
have stopped everything sooner, and reported to operations. Before anyone could finish whatever task they were doing
a loud bang, and a high pitch shriek was to be heard. One of the managers who does administration for machine parts
was turning to leave the office when he heard the high pitch sound and turned right into a bristling monstrosity which
grabbed him up to the top of the office building. After the scream, everyone nearby heard a terrible ripping, as the creature
hauled him away. Moments later, another person a mechanic was pounced upon and hauled away.

After witnessing two people getting pounced on and hauled away, the stunned group consisting of nine people, two women, and seven men all mechanics ran where there were machines, and equipment around them, and then starting grabbing anything they could use as a weapon.

Meanwhile; back at the operations area, which was converted to a fortress for the children, and people who were sick. everyone
were in a glum mood. Only a week before, the operations center and the rest of the colony was a hub of excitement. Word of
a discovery in the outer markers was passed around, and new possibilities, and resources. What was discovered was a huge,
horse shoe shaped vessel, that was ancient looking and filled with a large cargo of strange oval looking things. When Ann and
Russ, who were prospectors stepped inside to search, Russ was attacked by something that came out of one of the "eggs"
and then the signal placed by Ann brought in the rescue team. which secured Russ, secured Ann and the children, and towed
the tractor back to the main compound.
The excitement of the discovery soon turned to that one of horror; Russ was brought in to med bay, and nothing could be done
for him. The medics, and their doctor were puzzled about how to extract the parasite from his face left him there over night.

The very next day when the orderlies came in to check on him they noticed the parasite was no longer on his face. He seemed
to be stable until they gave him some water to drink: he started to convulsing.

Later on, back at the operation news spread of the ill-fated exhibition, resulting of one man's death, and mass hysteria going
on in the medical center. Doctor Lin hand was burned by acid when he was slashing at the creature, medical staff were running after and out of the creatures path; it disappeared through a grate. About an hour later, people were being attacked, and killed; some
came up missing. The local police force were called to action, some of them came up missing; and the few that were found had
a parasite attached to their face. No one knew how that came to be, they were nowhere near the discovery site.
The remaining police force were joined with a group of armed citizens who received a distress call from the colony atmosphere
complex of a creature attacking workers.
First, it was all quiet when they got there for most of the workers were hiding. The group split up into three teams: one team went to the upper levels, another went down the stair ways to the lower levels; and the third team stayed on the concourse searching the
The team searching the upper area found only damage to the area. The second team went about 100 yards and found some
kind of strange resin design on the walls, and floors. The third team began to start out in a search pattern when they encountered
people looking ragged, and scared flocking toward them. 'What happened?" asked the team leader. Before anyone could reply
a series of screams, roars, and crashing sounds came from the location of the second team's location.

"They coming back!" said one of the survivors. "They came out of the walls" said a short, stubby mechanic. "We didn't know
they was there, how did they get in here?" Before they could answer, a staccato of gun shot was heard on the second level,
a group of people came from the stairwell, shouting we got to go!

Back at the operations center, the director and his staff were going over reports of the incident at the atmospheric complex.
Contact was lost with the teams, but not before a static filled transmission reported creatures were coming from everywhere
and attacking people, and they had lost contact with the other teams.
It was determined that after Russ's death and the creature escaping from his body, that somehow it grew. Then the eventuality
was it was able to reproduce more of these creatures, and they must have made a hive of some sort in the atmosphere complex.

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