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A poem about flowers and their growing process
Flowers of the Field

Freely waving within the gentle breeze back and forth,
Letting the sun nourish and rain refreshen the petals
Of all the children of the field. Yellow and black bees are
Welcome visitors as they carry life from plant to plant.          
Everywhere, life is seen in assorted colors: greens, blues,
Reds, yellows, and purples; all the tints, hues, and
Shades that can be imagined and some that can't.
One drop of water, then many more, bring showers.
From the once blue skies, now dark with clouds,
Treat the ground and flora to a deserved drink in the
Humid weather. Cracks in the earth healed, thirst is
Eliminated, buds burst open and create new and vibrant.
Flowers, once faded, begin to regrow and thrive
In their improved environment. The nutrients within the ground
Energizes the flora to continue their continuous cycle of
Life and regrowth from season to season; from daylight to
Darkness; from past to present.

17 Lines

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