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A young African girl who strived for Actualization
In the core of Africa, a young lady stood,
With dreams as tremendous as the desert sand.
Her soul furious, her vision clear,
She battled against uncertainty, and vanquished dread.

Brought into the world in the midst of destitution's savage hug,
She really hoped for a superior spot.
Through difficulty and conflict, she tracked down her direction,
With versatility as her directing beam.

Despite everything, she rose to endeavor,
Still up in the air to make her fantasies alive.
With each step, she broke the chains,
Declining to allow uncertainty to oblige.

She embraced her way of life, her legacy striking,
In each story, an illustration told.
With insight from seniors, she got comfortable with herself,
Also, in her excursion, she celebrated.

Through preliminaries and tests, she figured out how to take off,
Her soul whole, her fantasies she'd investigate.
For she knew profound inside her spirit's center,
That self-completion merited battling for.

With mental fortitude as her safeguard, and trust her aide,
She ventured on, with nothing to stow away.
She cut her way with strength and effortlessness,
A signal of light in an obscured space.

In the embroidery of life, her story's told,
A demonstration of the force of the intense.
An African young lady, who battled to be free,
Also, in her self-realization, tracked down evident excellence.
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