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this is the story about a boy and his sisters seeking the truth about their parents

I started writing a journal when I was 9 years old I am now 30
the story I am about to tell you began when I was just 13 and some of the
things I am going to tell you are true and some are false but it will be
up to you to figure it out
when I was 13 years old my sisters and I had to go and live with my aunt and uncle. but when I stepped inside their house it felt strange almost like someone was following me as I turned around to look no was there. I finally asked my aunt which room I would be staying in, and she told me it was the last room on the left as I stepped inside the bedroom I began to hear what sounded like whispers
Solomon, where are your sisters? I thought they were with you Aunt Melinda as far as I know they were right behind me don't you think you should go and look for them? I will be starting dinner soon and they need to come in and clean up. you should know by now how much they like to play in the dirt and I am sure they are covered from head to toe
but Aunt Melinda doesn't argue with me go and bring your sisters into the house and after they have eaten had a bath and gone to bed then you can go ex[; pre the house.
what is Uncle Jack doing? I don't know maybe he is in his study upstairs but please make sure you knock first. you may have just arrived but he is not used to kids in the house. you still need to go and your sisters from outside
After Solomon brings the girls in from outside he takes them upstairs a few hours later while they are sitting at the table eating dinner Solomon asks his uncle Jack I want to know why my sisters and I are staying with you and Aunt Melinda, before jack can say anything melinda tells Solomon that your parents needed so\me time alone and they will call you when they are ready for you and your sisters to come home. After dinner, Solomon helped Melinda with the dishes then went upstairs and knocked on the door of jacks study
What are you doing in your study, Uncle Jack i want to know the truth
after your sisters go to bed for the night I will explain everything I will not talk to you about this stuff in front of your sisters they would not understand I'm not even sure you will understand
dinner is over Sheana and Dani are getting ready for bed
I will be back in 20 minutes
solomon the truth is maybe I should wait until you are older Uncle Jack when I get back tell me that I will not understand I want to know the real reason my sisters and I are here please dont tell me that I will not understand so after the girls go to bed your aunt and I will talk about what is going on. When Solomon came back he looked at both his aunt and uncle and said I will know if you are lying to me. who are you and
What did you do with my nephew?
uncle Jack, I am your nephew I just want you to be honest with me.
solomon you are only 13 years old what can you do about what is going on well I can make [phone calls to find out where my parents are.
don't you think I have already done that, you know maybe I can get ahold of someone who just maybe will listen well even if you were able to talk to someone that doesn't mean they are going to tell you what you want to know
that is why you have to tell me the truth
did my parents get involved in something dangerous
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