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A chance to view the Eclipse ends up a chance in a lifetime.
         The Eclipse Lottery          

2135 in Europe 1:11pm
          "Hurry Paige, we don't want to be late." Urged Greg while holding Ryan. "If we aren't there and they call my name, I'm not selected and someone else gets my spot.'

         "I am well aware of the rules, Gregory. My family helped create those rules over a hundred years ago just for this day. I am sure you will get a spot; you are my Joined One."

         "I hope so. I cannot believe it has been one hundred-eleven years since that last full lunar eclipse was seen. Its too bad no one from the States are around to see this one."

         "Spiral gave them the opportunity to join the Hive. Several chances, in fact. You know, let's not talk about that. Today is a different day."

         "Yes, it is. I am ready now." Taking Ryan away from Greg and walking to the door, "Go to the roof and get the hover and meet us on the deck. We to get flying if we want to get to our seats without walking over a lot of different species."

         "Make sure to keep it under three hundred; we don't need to get another demerit on out stamp card. Fourteen more and they'll take away our voting privileges."

         "Thanks for reminding me, Paige. I am putting the cruise on two-hundred fifty and lowering us from the stratosphere to the troposphere. How is Ryan doing?"

         "Great. He always loves hover rides. It wouldn't surprise me if he is a professional hover driver when he is twelve."

         "Don't even joke about that, Paige. I did that for eleven years after I turned twelve and got nothing to show for it except knowledge of how to wash my hover, swear, and change a bit coin into a mark buck."

         "Sorry, hun, I didn't mean to bring up bad memories."

         The ride went quiet for the next three hours as the hover sped along without incident. Ryan slept on his mother's shoulder with his father quietly drove the hover, deep in his own thoughts of his disturbing childhood.

         It was an hour before the eclipse was to begin when the hover reached the port-dock ramp. Spiral Representatives greeted them as the got out of their hover onto the ramp. Using their index and middle fingers, they touched their forehead, their eyes, and lips, and bowed their head. This is known as the Spiral Sign of Respect and used whenever you first meet and when you leave their presence. There is no verbal communication with them. Only the Selected can communicate with them.
         "We need to get to the drawing area and register." Paige urged Greg who was now carrying Ryan.
          "Since you know where it is, you lead the way, we'll follow you."

         "It right this way, not much further, now."

         Within minutes a crowd of people were seen among Spiral Representatives waiting for the registration process to begin. Without a verbal signal given, all humans attending went silent at the same time and turned to face the Spiral Representatives. The Spiral Representatives performed the Spiral Sign of Respect and then everyone reciprocated as one.

         A small, pale form weaved its way around from behind the Spiral Representatives to stand before the human gathering. When it began to speak, its voice was barely above a whisper."

         "Good day to you all and thank you for coming. The Spiral would like to welcome you to this special occasion. It is a special day because your moon will eclipse your sun for several hours during the full lunar eclipse. As an added surprise, for one of you, a special honor is waiting for you. The Spiral will be adding a new Human Companion from one of you today. Yes, yes, it is exciting news. All questions will be answered later. We need to get to the seats for the eclipse soon."

         "Did you hear that, Greg? One of us will be a liaison to the Spirals!. That would be a dream job. Think of the power and prestige I would have and the honor our family would get. All of our friends would be so jealous. We would be invited to all the most important parties, influential dinners, and most inner circles."

         When everyone was gathered to the general seating area, the Spiral's Human speaker interrupted the whispering. "Within minutes, the eclipse begins. Please be courteous and remain silent until the total eclipse occurs. It will be at this time the special announcement is made and the winner is escorted to the waiting de-processing center."

         During this time, Paige was excited. She just "knew" she was going to be chosen and did not pay attention to the eclipse. She was deep withing her thoughts when Greg was nudging her telling her, "You've won, you've won!"

         With practiced restraint, she stands, kisses Greg and Ryan, and walks up to the Human Companion and Spiral Representative and was about to give her acceptance speech before the Human Companion speaks, "We now must hurry to the de-processing center to begin the transition and soon you will have a new Human Companion to the Spiral. I thank you for all the kindness you have shown me."

         The Spiral Representative, Paige and Human Companion leave and walk toward an opened entry way, step inside, and disappear in a flash of bright light.

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