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by Sheba
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My love for someone that I've known for a long time now.
You were there
For 5 years
Long enough to live through this with me

You know that I've changed and I hope that you see it in a positive way
I'm no longer 14 but my souls the same

I remember long ago we met
From a friend a blurry face someone who lost his wings
But me and you are by eachother side and he's a memory
Though I wish him well

This is love
This is us
I've lost some of my nieveity

When we met I wasn't innocent
Tell me years of a dark embrace
That I haven't been so far tainted
That you can still see

Who I am that my love
That I'll protect you
And if I needed to I'd shade you
Let the sun burn me to ashes
Before I'd let you die

Please say that you'll stay
This is our bond we've made
Let's hold on to it

I love you
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