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by Sheba
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2317850
An unhealthy relationship.
There's something that kept me tied to you
I'll admit I'm pathetic
Finding you magnetic

Alcohol and drugs is all we need
Something stronger then weed
Keep me from losing my mind

I can't tell what day it is anymore or when we last fought everyday is bleeding into a mess in my thoughts

What is this cage that I'm trapped in?
Can I ever get out?
Why am I on your leash?
Will you let me out?
Am I your dog?
So why do you treat me like one?
Holding on to me on a chain
There's nowhere to run.

You said let's kill ourselves together I didn't want to die
You light me on fire and are surprised when I cry
You watch me slowly lose my mind
You made me pledge to you my very life
Your holding my soul hostage and I can't fight

I may be in your cage
But you make me feel like I don't want to escape
I refuse to even try to get away

I wanted to be with the one I love and now he's only an angel
I sacrificed myself for you
Yet you won't call me a martyr
I pledged my life worshiped at your feet
And it wasn't enough
So let's burn eachothers souls until there's nothing left
You can smoke my soul as if it's a cigarette
Destroy my very soul crush it up snort it like it's a drug
I'm alive but my body's rotting
I'm alive but it's crawling with maggots
I'm alive but I don't know where my heart is
Please make it all stop

If I'm aways the one apologizing am I really in the wrong?
If I'm the one making all the sacrifices how much longer can I be strong?
If this is love then why am I in pain?
If this is love then there is no gain

You can burn your soul from the inside out denying yourself happiness
Ignore your true soulmate until you lose
Your chance
Lose your wings
Fall from grace
No inoccence to embrace
You can think that you're in love when it's really only pain
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