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by Sheba
Rated: E · Poetry · LGBTQ+ · #2317851
A poem about falling for a woman as a woman and letting go of others judgment.
This is what I need
Me and you are the same
In the one way that commands judgment

I hide my face
To escape my mother's shame
As I bathe myself in hot water
Hoping to wash away years of dark mist
That has attached itself to my body

I'm not ashamed
But I'm afraid
If I do you wrong
And break your heart
I do care and I want you by my side

There is a world far away
Where others wouldn't look at us with shame
Where we could be free
Where the grass is green
And the grey sky could no longer taint my days

Everytime I hear from you my heart beats a little faster
My head feels a little lighter
I feel a little bit better

I want to be free

As I'm hiding under a blue and pink banister
Perhaps forgiveness from my mother can be ordered by years of looking up but being looked down apoun

Black and white shades of grey
I let them taint me and wash away my colours
As I crawl out from the banister of what's acceptable I find
Rainbow fabric in the shape of a flag to cover myself with

As my world finally feels bright
No longer grey
God, I'm glad that you are gay and I am bi
Perhaps just maybe
We can stand a chance together
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