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         Dear Diary
April 10, 1912

Dear Mama and Papa:

It is 3:30 P.M. and we are fully underway. We sent sail exactly at noon, like the advertisement said it would. It was extremely exciting to see all the people watching the Titanic off on it's maiden voyage. There must have been a million people there to see us off. The noise was tremendous. Nanny said I shouldn't have been outside at the time as I could have been bumped off the boat. I corrected her, again, and advised her this is a ship, not a boat. It is Tea time. More later. I miss you both dearly. Jannie

Mama and Papa:

It is now 7:30 P.M. What a dreadful supper. They served everyone the same meal. I wasn't expecting the servant's meal. Papa, you will need to get your money refunded for such poor service and get the waiters fired for their grievous service. Nanny was even upset with them because she kept saying, "such terrible behavior" over and over while I was trying to get someone's attention.

On a happier note, Nanny decided I deserved a room of my own and moved to a room of her own when one became available. On of the musicians didn't make it and his room was available. I am beginning to appreciate Nanny more. Tomorrow I plan on getting some sun and relaxing on deck. More later. I still miss you both dearly and will see you soon. Jannie

April 11, 1912

Dear Mama and Papa:

Please give Pepper a hug for me. I am sure she misses the milk I give her for breakfast. I will be there after the trip to Grandmamas.

I slept wonderfully last night. Nanny is nice, but she snores. Please don't tell her I said this, I don't think she knows I have noticed. She has woken me up on several occasions. She is sweet, but loud.

Today I am going to listen to the orchestra. I hear they are very good. I will let you know of my opinion later. Jannie

April 13, 1912

Dear Mama and Papa:

I am terribly sorry I have not written. Right now, this is taking much effort. Nanny states I have a case of food poisoning and seasickness. Whatever I have, I know I am dying. The very thought of eating causes my stomach to turn in circles and my insides to lurch; I perspire dreadfully; my head has severe pain; I sweat, yet I am cold; and I am drowsy, but can't sleep. If this is not dying, I do not care to find out what is. I am hoping tomorrow is a better day. Jannie

April 14, 1912

Dear Mama and Papa:

I feel better. I am not completely healed, but the worst has past. I am only drinking a broth Nanny is bringing me, no solids. I have bathed today and have requested my room to be cleaned and aired out to get the air purified and the sickness away from me. While they were cleaning, the staff were discussing seeing icebergs in the distance. I will go out today and see for myself as I have never seen icebergs before in real life. I hear they are majestic. Hopefully, I will be able to see one up close.

I hear the orchestra will be playing tonight again. I will be resting this afternoon so I can go to listen to them tonight again. I will not eat anything served there this time. Their food will be the death of me. Jannie

April 15

Mama and Papa

I don't have a lot of time.

I love you both very much. I am sorry I haven't been the best daughter. You have been the best mama and papa any daughter could ever hopeful. I am incredibly lucky to have you. I am very sorry I am not there to be with you. I love you, your most loving daughter, Jannie.

Prompt: On April 11, 1912, the Titanic departed Queenstown, Ireland, setting out across the Atlantic towards New York on its maiden (and only) voyage.

Write a story or poem which is set on the Titanic during that fateful trip

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