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I wrote this piece January 01, 2016. I was re-examining my definition of love.
My weakness has me so honest and true.
When he shines , I sparkle too.
When his world turns dark, mine too turns
blue. Those simple things like, " I love you,
I love you, I love you. It becomes the very
glue that binds us together. They say "such
things last forever." I adore my weakness,
our storms dangerous weather. Weak for
another, " I say never." Sweeter then -
southern tea. Such a spell he has on me.
I careless to be set free, I'm so loving him
and he so loving me. My weakness be-
comes my clown , whenever I'm feeling
down. Whenever he witness a frown upon
my face. Our special place, is wherever
we are together. They say such things
don't last forever. I say bullshit no one
does it better then my weakness and I .
Loves the painful truth and at times a
beautiful lie. Acknowledge what's true.
Can't dare deny the weakness between
my weakness and I . My past, my future,
my man, my boo . My weakness is so
weak for me and I'm so, so, weak for
him too...
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