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This poem is about narcissistic relationships and jealousy
Get out of my yard.

You mean nothing.

I cut you away,

But you keep on coming.


Showing the world
your pretty swirls.

Your flowers
The bright colors
Are hurting my head.

Your scent is too sweet.
Your petals are too soft.
Your seeds didn’t come from me.
So I want you to stop.

You're so stubborn.
You're taking all the water.
No matter the fact.
That no other flower
is bothered.

Your leaves are too green.
Your stem is far too neat.
You make my garden look ugly.
So I want you to leave.

So I cut you.
Isolate you.
Using my fingers to shed
I poison you.
Grab you,

holding scissors to your head.

But the very next day,
you stand firm in my
garden bed.

You stupid weed.
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