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2024 House Florent - GOT
38. Get to know your own team members and write a blog post telling us about them

Lyn's a Witchy Woman
Lyn and I got to know one another better through a previous wild edition of GoT. Lyn now lives in Las Vegas, but still has a pull to Maine. She claims to be old, but as far as I'm concerned age is a state of mind. She Runs Blog City, and Love Shouldn't Hurt. She has a big heart and is always ready to help. She drove a school bus and loves children. She and her husband like to travel. It is because of an email from Lyn asking if I was interested in playing GoT that I dragged myself back to WDC. Thank you for that!!

Princess Megan Rose 22 Years
Megan is a sweetheart. We share a love of all things Prince! She loves Jane Austin and has created a lot of fantastic merit badges. She's always generous. I recently discovered she likes the old Dark Shadows television show. So do I, Megan!! She lives in Indiana and is a retired nurse. Megan loves animals; if you check out her trinkets, you'll find her love of cats. We share a love of Princesses.

SandraLynn Team Florent!
Sandra and I met during this round of GoT. Sandra lives in Canada and she is fascinated by people watching. She loves blogging and writing challenges. She writes a lot of short stories and poetry on a lot of family-oriented topics. She also loves a good comedy. She recently celebrated her 10-year-wdc Anniversary!!

I have recently discovered that Angelica and I have a mutual WDC friend from years ago...lutz06! Which makes me wonder if she was a chattie like I was back in the day. I lived in WDC chat, where I got to know a lot of other members, and I thought you were there!! She likes dragons and has an account deviant art. She loves dragons, which I found on her artist page. She has participated in NaNoWriMo. She has a C-note shop and runs a contest.

And me Purple Princess . I'm Theresa. All my friends and my family call me T. I love music and dancing; yes, I was a Thunderette in High School [if you look hard enough, there's a picture of that in my portfolio]; I love a good romance, especially erotic romance. 2017 my husband and I bought a gas station/auto repair shop. He's a mechanic. We rented for 18 years, and it was past time we owned something. It took two years to open. It's my nightmare. I like meeting people and chatting, but the day-to-day is exhausting. I have two sons, a daughter-in-law, and a 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter named Kaia. She is a few handfuls. My mom is declining due to Alzheimer's, and watching that happen is heart-wrenching. So I spend my spare time getting lost in Linda Lael Miller novels and tweaking my romances. I have played GoT before, and I get something out of it every time. It's exhausting, but I'm not running a House this time! I dabble in poetry, but I never feel like it measures up. However, I try. In 15 short days, it will be my WDC Anniversary - 17 Years!!! *Party* I used to run the Weekly Quickie, was an avid member of Romance House, Novel Workshops, and I opened "House of Sensual Prose "   by Purple Princess . Here's to making a strong comeback on WDC. I sure did miss this place.
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