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Ace had increased his bond with Luna and his comrades
Chapter 4: Awkward moment

As dawn broke on the fourth day of their adventurous journey, the group found themselves ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead. The sun cast its warm glow over the mountains, illuminating the rugged terrain they were about to traverse. Packing their belongings with practiced efficiency, Ace, Luna, Lucy, and Sarah set out on their next leg of the expedition.

As they ascended the steep slopes, the group's camaraderie and teamwork were put to the test once more. The path was treacherous, and one misstep sent them tumbling down a hillside. In a swift display of reflexes, Ace managed to catch Luna in his arms, cradling her like a precious gem. Lucy and Sarah, though shaken, landed safely nearby, their skills ensuring their resilience in the face of adversity.

Regrouping at the foot of the mountain, the group found a serene spot near a sparkling stream to set up camp for the night. The babbling of the water provided a soothing backdrop to their activities as they decided to do their laundry—a necessary task after their rugged journey.

"I can't believe I lost my clothes on the first day," Luna sighed, a hint of chagrin in her voice.

"Looks like we'll have to air dry them then," Lucy chimed in, always quick to find a solution.

With spare clothes donned and their wet garments laid out neatly on rocks to dry, the group gathered around a crackling campfire for dinner. Luna, still without her own clothes, sat beside Ace, wrapped in his oversized shirt for modesty's sake.

Sarah's eyes twinkled mischievously as she observed the scene. "Aw, look at you two, sharing like a pair of lovebirds," she teased, earning a playful swat from Lucy.

Ace chuckled, ruffling Luna's hair affectionately. "Just helping a friend out, that's all," he replied, his easygoing demeanor melting away any tension.

Blushing furiously, Luna mumbled her thanks, feeling a warmth spread through her at Ace's kind gesture. The night air grew cooler, nudging the group to retire to their tent for some much-needed rest.

Inside the cozy confines of the tent, the companions settled down, the gentle sounds of nature lulling them to sleep. Luna, nestled beside Ace, felt a sense of comfort and security she hadn't experienced before. As the flickering shadows danced across their faces, dreams of the next day's adventures filled their minds, promising new challenges and unexpected joys.

The night passed peacefully, each member of the group finding solace in the shared warmth of companionship. In the dim light of the early morning, as the first rays of the sun peeked over the horizon, Ace, Luna, Lucy, and Sarah stirred, ready to face the dawn of a new day, united in their bond forged through trials and triumphs.
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