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A poem about Rosie the westie dog enjoying the park.
Rosie presses her thistledown face to the car window.
Mews, whistles for me to fetch her lead.
Grinning, gallops to the park. Newly washed,
An avalanche of kilt falls from her clipped jacket.
Her mission is to lose her scornful soap scent.

Her coal-black eyes glisten for an adventure.
Circling she snuffles poplars, their canopies shaped like her nodding tail.
'Rat, rat!' she barks. Leaps at a trunk.
Ears flattened, paws patter hail quick after
A squirrel; a swift ribbon of lightening.
It frisks away. Legs spread cowboy style, Rosie woofs.

Her jolly tail rocks at another westie.
Rosie's legs flick. Grass sparks spatter. Both westies start away.

Rosie polar bear bounds in the lake. Kilt billows cloudy.
Fur floppy icicles, collar tags tinkle as she shakes.
Coat smudged green, she rolls on the lawn laughing.

She halts on a jetty. Water winks sun sherds.
Rosie leaps. Splash! Waves circle over her head.
She huffs a startled 'Uff!'
She hauls out, drooping muzzle a dour walrus moustache.
She scuttles off dripping ooze, me in pursuit.

Back in the car, Rosie mumbles plans for fresh antics.
Snoozes, little guessing another bath awaits...
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