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Jeff and his sister Sandy loved aliens, and they paid homage to them on Halloween.
Jeff saved all his money to buy him and his sister, Sandy, realistic alien masks for Halloween. He was a 6th-grade student, and his whole class was getting together to go trick-or-treating one last time before they were too old. Tonight was going to be special.

Jeff was stuck helping the three exchange students from his class. They were amicable but wore old rubber President masks as their costumes.

"Lame," thought Jeff.

The Presidents set a fast pace for them. They went door to door, leaving his classmates behind. By the time they were done, Jeff and his sister were dead tired. But they had a lot of candy! A whole bag full each.

They finished back at their school and walked into their homeroom.

Three big teenagers were waiting for them. "This is how we get our treats!" said the leader as he grabbed Jeff's and Sandy's candy. They threw them out the door. "Now, let's get those cool masks."

The door shut. A moment later, several screams and a bright light flashed. Sandy and I looked at each other, and the Presidents walked out of the room carrying our candy bags.

We didn't say anything as we walked back to our house. The Presidents followed us until we reached the old forest on our road. They beckoned us to follow them into the woods, and we did. That is where we saw it: a giant spaceship.

The Presidents turned around and removed their masks. They were aliens!

"They're playing a trick on us", said Jeff.

The smiling aliens walked up and handed them all the candy, then climbed aboard their ship and left.

Jeff looked at Sandy with a perplexed look.

Sandy held up four bags of candy and smiled. "No, They're playing a treat on us!"
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