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A short epic about life.

          Life is beautiful. I realized it when I walked outside, and I watched as the people went about their day. I saw them laughing, I saw them smiling, I saw them being happy. And that's when I knew; life is beautiful.

          It doesn't seem beautiful when you're failing classes. It doesn't seem beautiful when you're failing at work. And it most certainly doesn't feel beautiful when you come home to no one waiting for you.

          Life is complicated. It takes, and it takes everything. But it gives so much. As much as life brings you down, it does so much to pick you back up again.

          Life hurts. Sometimes it hurts too much, it hurts so much that you don't know if you can continue living. But then you have these moments... The moments when your family calls to check up on you, or maybe a friend. The moments when a stranger offers you their seat when they see you having trouble standing. The moments when all you want to do is give up and your pet comes up to you and loves you. It's during these moments that you realize there is still good in the world, even in the midst of pain and suffering. These small acts of kindness and love are what give you the strength to keep going, to keep fighting, and to keep believing in better days ahead.

          Life hurts. It's what life was built for. But those moments give you peace, it gives you a reason to continue living, thriving. Each pain endured becomes fuel for growth, fortifying your resilience and reminding you of your capacity to overcome any obstacle that may come your way. And in those moments of peace and triumph, you discover the true essence and beauty of life.

          Life is a messy thing. There's war. There's chaos. There's death. There's peace. There's order. There's life.

          Light cannot exist without the dark. Too much light and it'll blind you to your sins. At the same time, darkness cannot exist without light. Too much darkness and you'll never feel anything.

          Life is a precarious balance. Tip too far to one side and it all falls apart. We can never truly be peaceful, it would be unrealistic to think that war would ever stop. So we continue to live.

          Life is truly everything. Everyone questions it at some point. "Why am I living?", "What is my purpose?", "When does it end?". The world will say, "You live because you were given a gift.", "Your purpose is to create a better world.", "It'll end when you've done your part.". The world will tell you all sorts of things. But the real answer? There is none. You live because you can. There is no purpose to life. It ends when you decide. All you have to do, is live.

          Perhaps one day, when I'm gone, the world will finally realize that life has no grand meaning. There is no big secret, no ultimate goal. Life is just us, surviving, thriving. In the end, all we have are the connections we make with others, the experiences we create, and the impact we leave behind. Our purpose lies in the lives we touch and the love we share.

          Life is me. Life is you. Life is everyone that has ever existed, in the past, present, or future. Maybe there is life out there, out there in the vast expanse of space. Perhaps they'd have an answer to what life truly is. But for now, all we know is ourselves. And we are life.

Our Earth is life.

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