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My attempt at a short fight scene. Word Count: 786
Samson was out shopping for his parents. They ran a private detective business and were having trouble with a new case. Well, "new" being figurative as they've been on the case for almost two months now.

He was headed to the meat section when heated voices grabbed his attention and wouldn't let go.

He followed the noise to the freezer section where he saw a man yelling at a scared woman. She was was around 5 ft 3 and had a scar running down the left side of her face, from her forehead, circling outside, and ending at her jaw. She was clearly afraid and frozen in place with her back to some pizza boxes.

The man was nearly a foot bigger than her and seemed to have a problem with the "ugliness" of her face. He wasn't very muscular but was toned, he wore a black, sleeveless shirt that clung to his body like a desperate lover. With that, along with the knife he was clutching, Samson knew this man was dangerous.

With a breath, he stepped forward and chose to become the centre of his rage. "Hey, leave her alone." He said with a calm and steady voice.

He took a dismissive glance and said with a voice so deep and gravely that it sounded forced, "Mind your own business."

Now standing next to the poor woman, he reached for a pizza box without breaking eye contact. "Now I almost feel sorry for doing this, considering you're deaf."

That sent him over the edge. If looks could kill, Samson would have been pushing up daisies.

The man thrust the knife at Samson quick enough to startle the woman out of her fright, but not fast enough for Samson himself. He held the pizza just in front of his chest and let the blade pierce the box. Moving clockwise around him, he pulled the dagger's new sheath towards himself while pushing the man's arm away. The sudden movement had the guy release the knife. He proceeded to throw the cardboard sheath back where he got it.

Practically growling at this point, Samson was forced to drop to the floor due to the speedy fist approaching his face.

The next thing he felt was pain thanks to the boot that landed hard against his chest, pinning him to the ground.

"The name's Dillan, and I'm going to make sure-"

Samson interrupted him with a strick to the back of his knee. Knowing one strick wouldn't be enough, he struck the same point before Dillan could react.

Giving himself distance, he rolled backward and pushed himself to his feet.

Dillan was angry enough now that his head could have exploded just from the anger. He charged, clearly not thinking.

Samson moved himself so that his left foot was almost directly behind his right just the way his mother taught him. She was strict with him growing up, wanting him to know how to defend himself in any situation. He only went along with it because he found it fun. That, and it was good exercise. He never thought he'd ever be put in a situation that would actually require what she taught him.

Just as Dillan got close enough, he pushed his back foot straight into his chest. Just to be safe, he followed up with a kick to the kidney, then a second kick to his legs.

As he fell onto his hands, Samson ended the fight by sitting on him and folding his legs.

He looked around, waiting for security. Seeing the isle empty, and only Dillan's screams of rage to keep him company, all he could do was wait. With a little regret, he took out his phone and texted his dad, apologising that he was going to be late.

Just as he hit 'send', the woman that was scared before turned the corner with the very people he was looking for.

She looked shocked and bewildered. "What...?" was all she could manage to say.

"Sir," one of the security guards said with authority, "I suggest you explain what you think you're doing."

The lady went to explain but Samson just held up a hand, stopping her. He got off the screaming man-child and just said, "It would go quicker if you checked the security cameras."

Dillan's face went from red to white as he realised what he said. There was no talking his way out of this.

"What's going on here?" Said a gruff voice behind him.

He turned to see, who he assumed to be, Dillan's friend.

They seemed ready to start another fight, but backed away when they heard the police approaching.

Perfect timing! he thought, breathing a sigh of relief.
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