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A Poem about the mentally challenged.
I work as a QMA, which is like a Nurse in a mental health facilty and the mentally challenged are special people.I usually write funny poems but this is a serious one and I mean every word I say in this poem.

I watched the young, beautiful woman do dance steps with stride-
as the song she danced to was sung by Matina McBride.
I love to watch Mandy dance and smile
as her feet graciously glide across the tile.
The sweet woman named Mandy is mentally ill-
trying to get cured is a hard climb up hill.
I work at a mental health facilty as a Nurse-
wishing I could rid the mentally challenged of their hurtful curse.
As I worked Christmas Eve, passing out pills-
this job is about more then just paying the bills.
I got a phone call from one of my former patients who was cured,
a history of abuse she had endured.
She never talked to me much when she lived at the facilty.
The woman wished me a Merry Christmas and told me she loved me.
With tears in my eyes, I told her I loved her, too and it helped me to see-
The mentally challenged are beautiful people and they have a long row to hoe.
Life isn't easy as a mental health nurse-
I wish I could put all my patients problems in a big old purse and throw the purse away.
To steal a line from the Beatles and Providence show's theme song:
There are faces I remember, some are dead and some are living and in my life I've loved them all-
for everyone and especially my mentally challenged people, I will always be on call!

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