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Ever wonder what a dolphin thinks when he bursts through the water?
Dolphin in the Wind

Iridescent brilliance
shimmers before my eyes
taunting me to catch a glimpse
of radiant sunlit skies

I plunge into the depths
deep down into the cold
then turn about, undaunted
determined to be bold

Powered by my intentions
propelled by lust for light
I race to break this barrier
with all my dolphin might

Erupting out of shadows
a rainbow lights my way
and only for brief moments
I see the break of day

I feel the winds upon me
I soar into the sky
if I had wings, instead of fins
then I would surely fly

For that moment, I feel free
I breathe in deep and fast
for I know that every leap I make
wasn't meant to last

So down I go, to slice the waves
and make my presence known
by screaming out my dolphin cries
amid a tidal zone.

Leagues across the sea I go
heading towards the sun
not knowing when my journey ends
but knowing it had begun

Perhaps someday I'll understand
why I'm trapped beneath the sea
for when I breathe, the air above
is when I'm truly free

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