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by ruwth
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I will be adding stories & reflections as time marches on. Take a gander today!

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2021: Independent Writing

2122: "I Write: Enter the Second Decade Participant

2123: "Twenty-three in Eleven Participant

This mixed collection contains fiction, non-fiction, prose, and poetry. Entries vary in length from very short to one that is over 3000 words.

53 entries written in 2018:

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NOTE: All Titles with ~ ~ are either non-fiction or based on a true story.

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May 18, 2024 at 11:03pm
May 18, 2024 at 11:03pm

~ Looking In My Port For FOOD ~

Today, I want to once again write an entry based on my Habit Heroes   experience. "*Construction*Building Better Habits 5/24"   is where I keep track of the progress I make this month.

For May I added two new habits:

*BulletV* Watch Only Bible-Based Videos

*BulletGr* No Sugar

For some reason, adding these two much needed habits has completely thrown me off. 🌸 pwheeler - love joy peace is always there as a support person as we work to build new habits so she and I have exchanged a couple emails about this. She also put a post on the forum briefly addressing my current struggle.

Today, I searched through my port looking for things I have written about me and food. Here is a list of the entries I have found:

"God, Please change my relationship with food.
"My OA Story
"The History Of My Personal Relationship With Food...
"My Personal Relationship With Food -- A History Revisited
"~Me and Food~
"~Me, My Prayer, and Food~

Most of these entries are found in An Ordinary Life . One is found in ruwth is writing... .

The "No Sugar" habit may need to be modified. Although I have had extended periods of sugar abstinence in my life and due to diabetes should strive to reduce my sugar intake, "No Sugar" might not be the ideal plan for me.

As I contemplate this and continue to discuss things with Phyllis, I want to reread these entries and decide what might work for me in this area of my life.

I hope to come back and share my progress at the end of May. See you then!

Word Count: 223 Words

~ ~ ~ JESUS is LORD! ~ ~ ~

May 5, 2024 at 11:20pm
May 5, 2024 at 11:20pm
Hook of the Book 

The tide came in while I was sitting here thinking about you. I didn't notice until just now—when your chair began to shift in the sand. I miss you.

Word Count: 30 Words

~ ~ ~ JESUS is LORD! ~ ~ ~

April 21, 2024 at 5:46pm
April 21, 2024 at 5:46pm

Have you heard the poem about one set of footprints in the sand? Right now I pray, "Jesus, please carry me today."

For more info:

Written for "The Prompt Me Contest
Prompt: Footprints
Word Count: 22 Words

~ ~ ~ JESUS is LORD! ~ ~ ~

March 18, 2024 at 7:39pm
March 18, 2024 at 7:39pm
Written for: "Three Perspectives Contest

I am using this Image Prompt:

My Story:

Have I mentioned that I'm deathly afraid of heights? Well, I am telling you now—I am!

As a child, I was afraid to be by the railing at the top of our staircase. My brother would torture me by sitting on the top rail, hooking his feet around the spindles , and waving his hands pretending to lose his balance.

Have you heard the expression: "white knuckling it"? The photo at the top of this item gives you a good visual of the epitome of white knuckling it. I remember the experience with such clarity, I can feel the fear even now!

It was my granddaughter Mikayla's eighteenth birthday and we were going sky-diving. We were suppose to jump together but things did not exactly go according to plans.

All the arrangements had been made over the phone. As we approached the airport on the pre-arranged date, this is what we saw:

At one time, the sign apparently said, "Haskell Airport". On October 11, 2015, it spelled DANGER! I swallowed hard and looked at my grand-daughter, "We don't have to jump here. We can find somewhere else."

Of course, if we had canceled, her first jump would not have been on her eighteenth birthday. She voted for us to forge ahead. As we drove in, we saw a row of hangers with something that looked like an attached residence at the end.

It was a combination residence and office. We entered and saw a skinny fella, coffee in hand, going in and out of the kitchen. There was a row of chairs along the wall and a desk at the end of the room.

After signing papers, I wrote a quick will, gave it to my son-in-law and prayed for Mikayla not to die on her eighteenth birthday.

Word Count per https://wordcounter.net/: 298 words.

Mikayla's Story:

My first thought as I open my eyes on my eighteenth birthday: "I'm going to jump out of an airplane today!" I have been so excited, I can't believe I even slept last night.

Granny made arrangements about six months ago. From then til now, I have been telling all my friends, "I am gonna go sky-diving on my birthday!" She will be here soon and the adventure will begin.

Oh dear, I'm so excited, I am talking non-stop as Granny drives us. I am riding with her but so many folks are coming to watch us jump! My mom and step-dad will be there. My other granny and my grandpa. Siblings. Friends. Cousins. Aunts. Uncles. So many people!

I'm glad I'm riding alone with Granny. This is her birthday present to me—and she is jumping, too! Sixty-three years old and she is gonna jump out of an airplane with me! Isn't that so cool!

Yikes, we're pulling in. This place looks pretty sketchy. Granny's having second thoughts. She just asked, "Do you want to go somewhere else?" Is she kidding? Sketchy or not, NOTHING will stop me from jumping today!

Ewww... The "office" is actually an apartment! Yeh, This place is way more than sketchy. As we walk in, I'm getting a bit anxious.

There's a skinny dude walking around smoking and drinking coffee. He's dressed in a flight suit. Is he the owner?

He is the owner. His whole family is here—and his dog! He greets me and shows me the harness I'll be using. Piglet is attached to the harness. He tells me his granddaughter gave him Piglet for protection on his jumps. Will Piglet protect me?

Granny's now non-stop praying in tongues. She's asking God to protect me. Probably better than Piglet, eh?

Word Count per https://wordcounter.net/: 299 words.

The Sky-Diving Instructor:

I wish I did not have to work today. Everybody always wants to jump on the weekend. Well, at least I have managed to make it worth my time—instead of just two jumpers (the old lady and her granddaughter), I have manage to book six other folks—eight jumps at five hundred a pop, today will be a good payday for me.

What the hell? How many people are coming to watch those two? I don't have enough room for all these folks! I definitely don't have enough chairs. I guess it will be standing room only.

Hmm... that eighteen-year-old is cute. What a sweetheart.

The old lady, not so much. She is asking a million questions and I think she just borrowed a pen and a piece of paper to write A WILL!

Maybe she should have thought of that ahead of time...

Word Count per https://wordcounter.net/: 145 words.

~ ~ ~ JESUS is LORD! ~ ~ ~

March 9, 2024 at 10:00am
March 9, 2024 at 10:00am

I Juan 1:9 Si confesamos nuestros pecados, él es fiel y justo para perdonar nuestros pecados, y limpiarnos de toda maldad.I Juan 1:9

Salmos 23:1 Jehová es mi pastor; nada me faltará. Salmos 23:1

Marcos 9:24b Creo; ayuda mi incredulidad.Marcos 9:24b

Santiago 2:17 Así también la fe, si no tiene obras, es muerta en sí misma. Santiago 2:17

Santiago 1:7 No piensa, pues, quien tal haga, que recíbirá cosa alguna del Senior. Santiago 1:7

Efesios 2:10 Porque somos hechura suya, creados en Cristo Jesus para buenas obras, las cuales Dios preparo de antemano para que anduviesemos en ellas. Efesios 2:10

~ ~ ~ Jesús es jefe! ~ ~ ~

February 5, 2024 at 8:59am
February 5, 2024 at 8:59am

This is a collection of hymns I liked to listen to while getting ready for work. I would not just listen but I would also sing along. Many of these songs take me back to my childhood and help me to be mindful of the most important relationship of my life.

~ ~ ~ JESUS is LORD! ~ ~ ~

Written for: "The Soundtrack of Your Life
Word Count: 55 Words

February 4, 2024 at 11:17am
February 4, 2024 at 11:17am

He was wounded for our transgressions.
He was bruised for our iniquity.
Surely He's borne our sorrows
And by His stripes we are healed.

This is my first time participating in "The Soundtrack of Your Life. I had a dickens of a time getting the YouTube video to load. I discovered I could not use the link generated by the share button. I had to open the video in a new browser window and copy the web address instead.

I ran into some problems before I even got to that part of the process. I knew the song I wanted to use here. I did not know that there is a much more elaborate musical arrangement of it that does not sound at all like the song I sing. It took me forever to sift through all the YouTube videos to find this rendition. Even it is not what I learned to sing. I guess there is more to this song than I ever knew. The words we sang in church are the ones I have in italics below the video.

I did not care for the more elaborate versions. This simple version that mirrors what I sing blesses me and draws me quickly into worship.

Another thing I discovered online today is that I use the word iniquity whereas all the lyrics I found online use the plural form of the word (iniquities).

Rev. William McCrae (above) might use the singular as I do. I could not tell for sure.

Iniquity rather than iniquities is significant to me because of something I learned along the way.

Transgressions were our sins. Iniquity was our sinfulness.

I will continue to sing iniquity because of the reminder it gives me.

There was one other video that had the song presented in the way I knew. In the end I chose Rev. McCrae. The other video did something I do. I alternate as I sing between our transgressions and my transgressions; our iniquity and my iniquity. Both pronouns are appropriate and remind me of Christ's sacrifice for me, personally and, alternately, His sacrifice for the church as a whole. We are one in Him.

~ ~ ~ JESUS is LORD! ~ ~ ~

Word Count: 360 Words

January 7, 2024 at 9:49pm
January 7, 2024 at 9:49pm

I joined Writing.Com in January 2009. The first item I uploaded to my portfolio was "My Psalm.

I was delighted when I received this message:

         I will always remember the first time I saw this!

The second item I uploaded to Writing.Com was:

 Make Your Dreams Come True  [E]
YOU have the power to make your dreams come true.
by ruwth

I had originally written this essay for my college English Comp III class. My professor had given me either an A or an A+.

So, what did the reviewers on Writing.Com think about "Make Your Dreams Come True?

I was expecting accolades. I got 2.5 stars. Here is a link to one of those: Review of "Make Your Dreams Come True" by Keni .

That was a rude awakening but I accepted the constructive criticism and began revising, revising, revising.

You can see my original essay in a dropnote. The finished product (if indeed it is finished) is much more polished thanks to the feedback I got on here.

Many of the reviews are linked in another dropnote.

Here is a three star review with lots of feedback:

Review of "Make Your Dreams Come True" by Sara♥Jean

My favorite line in the original essay was: "You hold the key (or keys) untried within your bosom." It did not stand up to the scrutiny of my fellow WdC members and was cut from the current version.

What do I like best about "Make Your Dreams Come True?

The steps:

Step One: Envision Your Dreams
Step Two: Internalize Your Vision
Step Three: Take Daily Steps
Step Four: Push Through Obstacles
Step Five: Relish Your Victories
Now Do It Again! Back to Step One

Sadly, I have never made a dream come true. In spite of that, I believe in the power of these steps. Do you?

Word Count: 240 Words.

~ ~ ~ JESUS is LORD! ~ ~ ~

November 16, 2023 at 3:13pm
November 16, 2023 at 3:13pm
~ In Dark Times ~

In dark times,
         I am thankful
                      God is.

In dark times,
         I am thankful
                      God is love.

In dark times,
         I am thankful
                      God is worthy of our trust.

In dark times,
         I am thankful
                      God is merciful.

In dark times,
         I am thankful
                      God is.

Written for "Thankful Poetry Contest
Line Count: 15 lines
Form: My own design.

~ ~ ~ JESUS is LORD! ~ ~ ~

November 12, 2023 at 9:38am
November 12, 2023 at 9:38am

~ Turning Circles ~

My life...

Turning circles,
Treading water,
Going nowhere.

Great plans,
False starts,
No success.

Treading water,
Turning circles,

My life...

Contest: "Rebel Poetry Contest
Prompt: Turning Circles
Line Count: 11 lines

~ JESUS is LORD even when I feel discouraged. ~

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