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Insights on keeping our balance ⚖️ in an unbalanced world. Even Seagull won't stand up
This current Blog ( November 1st 2023-?) is being created in Mississippi. It's a journal of my journey . My way of bringing light 🕯️ to dispel the darkness in our world.
Trying to navigate the craziness of our world and raising our 2 rescue kitties 😻!
Fine-tuning my skills as a writer!
I fight depression almost every day and deal with chronic pain issues.
Using my faith, humor and humility.
I bring experience from decades of learning spiritual guidance, using teachings from faith systems I've used to cope and learn to move forward.

Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding.

Enjoy at any rate 😜!
To share relevant quotes and welcome feedback as always indeed 😁!

If I am not for myself,
Who will be for me?
If I am not for others,
What am I?
And if not now when?
Rabbi Hillel ( The Elder) 1st century
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April 8, 2024 at 4:27pm
April 8, 2024 at 4:27pm
It's grey and has been raining on and off here.

Was nice to see the coverage from Mexico to Vermont as it made its way up and East through the country! It was awesome to see something positive happening with so many people coming together to see this with others.

It was much longer than the last one in 2017. We watched it with the grandkids in the backyard.
I don't remember too much of it.

Today it was well done and the reporting on it was hopeful, how it brought people together vs how divided it many times is.

If people could find the common ground with each other instead of our differences ( faith, color or whatever) this could be a better world ❤️🌍!

A cousin of mine went to this and hope they had a great time with a good view! Hope Austin TX didn't have too much clouds like here!

So face book decided I was ok in their book for community standards and gave me back my account. I've been downloading pictures ( some I have no backup copy's of).
Some were uploaded from actual photos that don't exist.
I've been sharing good things for 14 years on there.
How to click Free to help animals, Veterans, and many others.
They threatened me to delete my account and with it many family pictures and memories.
I'm thankful it turned out well but for 2 weeks I was worried and super stressed out.

So I'm trying something here! I like it when someone tags me! I was hesitant in case someone didn't, but it seems to be a good 😊 thing here!
You may miss something if you don't see it sometimes 😉!

Thanks tracker ! For helping me out and being a friend 😺!
And for comments!
I used to keep to myself here until making friends over time 😉.
It's a very nice feeling to be welcome somewhere and help each other grow as writers and souls 🙏🌹!

I'm tired and have some things to do.
Have a blessed day 😻 y'all 😁!
March 31, 2024 at 4:29pm
March 31, 2024 at 4:29pm
Didn't plan to write y'all but here I be!
If you want to catch up please see my last post.
I know many are busy with Easter and other things.
So hopefully y'all had a good week.

Update on last post: hoping uploaded ID and headshot on video for F--- book, will keep me from losing some pictures of family on it. I'm the only one who has copies ( when the tree destroyed our rental we lost them and just about everything...)

On a bright 😎 note I came in 3rd in a contest this week!
( The last one was a few years ago. I came in 3rd.)

I did it for Viv and she was doing it for the class I took.
I took it off a few times because wasn't sure how people would react.
I read a similar item last week by someone I've known since joined here. It gave me courage to

I just wrote a song ( it's been years since)
I don't have my guitar but hopefully by Christmas can replace. Last year my sister was going to get me one, but was in so much pain and depression that, didn't think I'd want to make music again.

I'm tired most of the time but not in 10 or 8 pain levels.
Sis hurt a nerve in her back and after a week of pain for her, she went to a good clinic here.
We cleaned the car ( outside and in) , Walmart for a few things ( while the oil 🛢️ was being cleaned).
WS is in Japan! Giving great descriptions and humor!
He blogged it!
NCIS is on and gotta feed kitties 😻 soon 😁!

Haven't posted my song yet.

Have a blessed weekend!
March 27, 2024 at 10:18am
March 27, 2024 at 10:18am
Hi, y'all 🤠 hey Tracker ☺️ ( I will learn tags here eventually 😄!)

Whoa, where do I start?
Every time I plan a post ( I had written one in my WDC notebook over the weekend)
I shut off my phone Fri night ( trying to be spiritual in an Orthodox Jewish way for Sabbath).

I kept it off till Monday ( I lost my faith but that's another story)
Yesterday I was on face book
( I share helping animals, Vet's and other good causes - have for over 20 plus years.)
A friend had posted about " why he's getting so many ads and phone notifications for just liking something and said he was just pointless ranting".
I said it wasn't pointless but valid and how face book had changed since I first got on in 2007.
That before that Myspace was a real community and people had to go to your page to post a good night meme etc.
I also found out he was a Bass player and had a public group for it
I said " back in the day I played guitar, blues harp, drums and some bass in NYC Folk city and around.
(Forgot I used to sing improv with some old black jazz musicians at a club near there.)
Nothing wrong there right?
So after I finished my COMMENT on his post, said I was going to share the post and what I said.

The next thing I know in SECOND S, my share was BLOCKED " because it went against F b policies and wasn't specific .
It just removed it from my page
I went back to comment on his post and told him what just happened.
To be careful and something like "This isn't Russia or China, where's our freedom of speech?
Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss
We won't be fooled again
The Who
( It's a song)...
Then it got UGLY
My account is BLOCKED for 180 days ( 6 months).
No access to my pictures with family or anything.
I've been planning on slowly downloading them and in time deleting my account anyway but that's not the point.

AI and God knows who controls anything else these days.
I googled it last night why they could do this ( I see young girls show off their asses literally and have blocked them etc).
On Reddit people have had the same problem and all they did was wish someone a happy birthday and never got a valid reason either.
So I was planning on spending more time here with y'all anyway but that's super creepy to me...
I have a kitchen to clean 🫧
So have a good day ☺️ till next time 😻🤔🎶😉

March 18, 2024 at 8:26pm
March 18, 2024 at 8:26pm
Hi y'all
This was my weekly goals post.
It's not what I was planning for it but it's all I got gang!

Prayers 🙏 welcome
Thanks 😊

It's 7 PM, cleaned kitchen ( my sister cooks from scratch, tastes great but big mess!)
Body not great but here I be.
Been doing hours over days, helping her with ancestry research.
My goal for writing is to attempt to post my blog.
Over the weekend had many decisions to decide about life and family. Oh yeah, faith too.
Didn't leave me much creativity so hopefully this week will be more productive with that! 😁
I'm praying 🙏 so y'all.
I wanted to make images of Writing.com products and write a nice review. My WDC coffee cup is my companion most days!
I'm so behind in my plans but not giving up.
Have a blessed week 🌼
I'm exhausted!
Officially approved Writing.Com Preferred Author logo.

Officially approved Writing.Com Preferred Author logo.
March 15, 2024 at 5:25pm
March 15, 2024 at 5:25pm
Hi, y'all 🤠 glad you could make it again. I last wrote on Sunday the 10th. It feels like weeks since then and not trying to be funny 🤣.
This may turn into a 2 part blog!
I even took notes on conversations with all the people in my life this week.

A lot of nice folks with their insights on life and more.
One nurse inspired me to rethink leaving music 🎶 behind.
It used to be a big part of my life ( not just listening but being a musician back in the day in New York.
I always had a guitar until 2 years ago.
My niece caused us to lose everything.
My sister wanted to get me one for Christmas but I said no.
This week is much better on my body, mind, and Spirit.
Not out of the woods but close enough to breathe and think.
I got 2 shots on Monday on both sides of my spine.
( Thus nurse conversation!)
It's helping even though it was scary and hurt like bees struck me.

She held my hand and it meant everything to me in those moments.
The closest thing to dealing with images was, having to delete some Google photos (; still have "zillions" more.
Running out of space and not paying for more!
I have a lot of memories both awesome happy and not-so-happy. Still nice to see things like books and more that used to belong to me and us.
Pet's and just life 🙏🌹
It's going to take a bit to gather what will be shared here.
So am tired
Had laundry Tuesday groceries ah you know the drill!!!
Hugs 🤗
Hope to get another post out this weekend 😁🔜!

March 10, 2024 at 10:24am
March 10, 2024 at 10:24am
Another week has flown by y'all 😁! Hope it was good for you.
My phone says almost 9 AM but my watch ⌚ is still an hour behind. I think daylight spring ahead is so much nonsense as many do!

It's a man-made fake reality that serves no purpose anymore and messes with our perception.

I was just on the WDC wall and got into a conversation about Rated E vs non-E. After reading the article on how WDC sees it. I replied that I was changing my rating here to not everyone.
It's just a respect for others' thing.
We all come from different backgrounds and even though anything goes outside of WDC, it's nice that it matters.
I started this blog with the intention of it being about my spiritual take on things ( it is) but it's also about my take and experience on life 😁.
I do cuss sometimes but it's part of my reality.
I learned how to do it in 3 different languages by the time I was 9! English, Italian, and
Crazy huh?
So glad y'all are part of my life ❤️. I have to go back to the pain management Dr and decide about getting shots in my spine.
Nasty business with few options for folks like me.
I only did Oxycodone 2 months (Dec and Jan) and Even though it helped 💯 not taking it anymore.
More money in that than in non-opioids but now the push is for non-opioids. Sadly too late for all that died from them.

Working on going through pics and figuring out how to post images here 😜.
The pain kept me from going further this week.
The kitchen is a mess and sis is going to make her Kaiser rolls later!
I'm thinking of making a format for this blog!
Hope you have a good day and enjoyed it here!
Oh, we are planning on moving to mobile Al!
More later 😁 y'all 😜

March 3, 2024 at 4:45pm
March 3, 2024 at 4:45pm
Well 😊 hi y'all 🤠! Aww 😍 thanks for your love and hugs with your words and C notes and cool stuff 😜😁!
I've been trying to get back to everyone this week in the middle of my muddles!
Laundry 🧺 again and needed food kitty stuff must-haves like deals on soft toilet paper oh boy!!!
Had a nightmare at F--king
Walmart again. We've been trying to avoid it like the plague.
Last month when I was so sick 🤢 Cheryl drove herself there to bring back things like canned pineapple for me and kitty food etc. a mission of mercy.
( She does most cooking and did all the cleaning and dishes when I couldn't...)
The self-checkout ( hardly any
Had issues on it's registers,(many other seniors were affected) Her monthly spend card normally would cover it all. This day ( we later learned was a glitch with a 3 Rd party so didn't pay what it always does.)
She had to pay cash for half out of limited funds rather than put it back.
This week we did a fair shop, spring water ( the water here is undrinkable even for kitties yuk)
Ok for cooking.
There was kitty litter Etc but it didn't pay for the food and the cashier was a snotty ass.
Cheryl was in the riding cart and said screw this and left everything in her order on the belt. And left Hot 🥵.
I got the order voided ( it said I owed 45 bucks --- not
it's been paying for months the same things Oye.)
I got the 2 kitty litter paid and left.
Some of the people who check your receipt are nice and we always banter! She saw me upset and said she just talked to my sister and knew what happened and said sorry.
I said " I know it's not your fault but thanks".
In the parking lot caught up to her, she said " there was an old man with an oxygen tank and the same thing must have happened to him. He had left his groceries too.

We went to Winn Dixie and were shaking. We love shopping there they are more expensive but have better produce and meat.
No huge blue carts and chaos all over the store.
We had to start from scratch but had most of everything and peace 🕊️ of mind!
Earning points $$$ towards future orders too!
I also had to start and finish my assignment for the final.
It's done!
About a dysfunctional family who loves each other in the 1960s.
Whew not sure how people will respond but it needed to be written.
Yesterday Cheryl was watching a documentary called Lincoln. Gore Vidal and some impressive experts told about his life and things we never knew.
I had no idea he suffered most of his life with depression and sometimes talked about suicidal thoughts throughout his life.
I knew his childhood was meager but not much more.
He was a brilliant expressive poet, a survivor, high achiever and brilliant.
And in the early years of his political life he was a scoundrel but clever! He would turn to moral issues later in life.
To pass laws of freedom for African Americans. And also trying to pass the law for the them to vote, it seems the catalyst for his untimely death.
Worth watching indeed.
Besides writing this blog today I'm up to my eyeballs in future learning how to use images for one. Duh I didn't know since I'm upgraded could share them!
I've been into photography since I was 8 years old when my grandfather bought me my first brownie camera!
I've lost count of the thousands of pictures I've taken over a lifetime of family,nature of animals.
It's exciting to me to think I could share some of that here!
I'm going to start taking notes of how to do the writing.com HTML and all this formula.
I'm also in the process a critically going through my portfolio of the last 20 years.
It's a hot mess! It was like a labyrinth. Some good writing mixed with daily chaos or whatever and I have to sift through what's there.
There's a lot of good material in it some self-help ideas, for other people and other things that can benefit others
Made folder and placed so I can figure out how many more folders I'm going to need.
I'm dealing with the pain problem pretty badly but I'm finding support from other people going through the same thing.
There is a nationwide shortage of the medication that was working for me.
I decided to walk away when the side effects were too bad from the generics that were the only ones available.
I shared this on the Spondylitis site where people all over the world share this journey with me.
It's been a really rough month but I'm looking forward to better times and getting more writing done at least organizing!

Your feedback and kindness comments and everything in the world to me and I hope in some way I'm able to encourage you all too! 😀😉🙏🐒❤️😘

February 24, 2024 at 2:51pm
February 24, 2024 at 2:51pm
Well, y'all 😁 thanks for the kudos in helping me get well.
Wow, almost a month of a poop 💩 Storm with that vampire 🦇 virus 🦠. ( A real term for a virus attaching itself to another virus.)
No test for which is what. Some scary S#it but thank God G-d, here I am!!!!
Now to move on to bigger and better stuff!🤔😄
As far as writing my mind was mush but it's coming back and so is my Muse!
I've started on my assignment 4 today and appreciate Jim Hall and his dedication to teaching his students and patience 💕!
This week I got a total shock because I'm now a preferred author here! My case is black with yellow Ballet 🩰 slippers!
Instead of all yellow 💛 but it's cool because I've always been different 😁!
A horse 🐎 of another color indeed 🤣 LoL.
A workhorse that sees how much work is ahead with my writing and redoing my portfolio whoa!
My bio was written years ago lol and my items need rework and more organizing! People are probably lost scrolling through it, I am when looking for something.
One day at a time 😉 eh?!
Now I have to understand how to access the reality of being a preferred author and how to help others with this honor in time.
I'm also trying to formulate how to take 69 years and turn it into chapters.
I'm a living self-help entity literally. I've used my experience
to help others with their struggles and know my destiny is to share them with others.
From growing up in a real dysfunctional family to becoming a musician in Greenwich village. Joining a cult and leaving a year later. Moving to the Haight Ashbury. Becoming a mom . Being pushed to move to Oregon because even in the late 70's the rents doubled over night.
Later moving to the south because of the same reason.
Working hard at physical jobs and being promised everything but getting nothing in the end.
I'm a survivor never hurting another or taking what wasn't mine.
I've kept my dignity and integrity intact no matter how much S#it people or life threw at me (us).
So yeah gotta lot to do this year!
Glad to have good folks in my life and community that cares!
Have a blessed weekend y'all ❤️

February 17, 2024 at 4:53pm
February 17, 2024 at 4:53pm
This is the 3rd week since I got sick y'all Oye and yuk! I'm not 💯% but compared to the "dead zone reality I'm doing a happy dance 🩰🎶!!
I was bedridden pretty much except for"stumbling " downstairs to feed the kitties breakfast and having a spot of coffee ☕! I could just sit on the couch for a couple of hours, getting the energy to scoop out the kitty box.
Pretty much a zombie but not a frog 🐸 that croakes LoL 😆.
Cheers to Andre 🤠 always full of 🍌 humor and wisdom 😀.
The first week I bearly delt with my phone. my routine of checking emails here, yahoo,
Gmail and FB went down the toilet 🪠🚽.
One day I was on my phone feed and besides reading my usual pet rescue stories, saw something that made me smile ( after the sorrow of the wars and beyond my comprehension of mercy, to see such annihilation of a people and their homes...)
I read an article on Gilligan's Island 🏝️. It led me to look up Huntz Hall, Leo Gorcy, and others of that time and space.
Somehow I found a site and a true story that touched my heart ❤️ permanently. I will share the link below so y'all can read it and be a part of two amazing dogs that lived in the 1860s. Trust me you will be glad you did and to know the monument that was built for Bummer and Lazarus 🕯️🙏😍🌹🐾.

The first week was rough for me, had to get a steroid shot and med's for my bronchitis. I was tested for flu, virus but so many out there, they don't even have tests yet, mutating very quick.
I feel like I'm living in a Stephen King story--- only this S#it is really happening.
My ringtone is Don't worry be happy by Bobby Ferrin. I'm an optimist when I'm not depressed!

I got sick in the middle of the Jim Hall writing course was taking. This week found out he will let me finish the class ( even if this term is over!) That's a beyond-decent human being! After that, I didn't feel let down by still another project not completed because of my health issues.
Another perk this week was because I've been studying with Jnet for years and started a class Text to Heart ( about the Torah, Kabbalah, and other Jewish beliefs.)
They posted my selfie studying and a couple of quotes from me!
A worldwide email 😁 nice to see myself! If I write ✍️ article on this can post the screenshot of it!
So I have to wipe the stove and feed the kitties 😻. Thanks to God God for me slowly but surely getting better 😁!!!
I thought this post was lost but here and meant to be. Thanks for all your comments last time!!!


February 3, 2024 at 5:09pm
February 3, 2024 at 5:09pm
Sorry for all your going through
I'm bedridden sick 🤧 and maybe will croak soon
My plans were going well
Then it all changed and it all went to hell
Im giving up Facebook and writing to boot
Can't compete by being myself anymore
Thanks for the few people who cared
Taught me skills and were there.
Maybe some day I'll have a white case
In memory so my writing wasn't a total waste.

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