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An essay about my new kitty Bella and a memory of my cat Tigger.
My cat Tigger passed away Oct. 4, 2010. She was seventeen years old. She was a gray stripped tabby cat and she didn't like people but she loved me and she liked my husband most of the time. My husband Ray found her out in the corn field when he was irrigating the corn.He bought her home to me and it was love at first sight. We had quite a few good years. I saved her when our house was on fire. I got to keep her for ten more years. She loved to look out the patio window and would sleep at the foot of the bed with my husband and me. She would lay by the desk when I was on the computer. She loved to play with her toy mice and she was a lot of company for me. She died of kidney disease and I was upset to find out that she had the disease. I fed her broth, milk and made her instant potatoes. I did everything I could to get her to eat. She had been on IV's but there was nothing I could do. She died and I was devastated and heart broken. We buried her at the end of our yard by the cornfield. I placed a cat planter with purple artificial silk flowers on her grave and got her a name plaque. I will never forget her or stop loving her and missing her. Ray loved her and he buried her and would pick her up from the Vet visits. It was hard for both of us.

Eight months later, I got a new kitten. She is tortoise shell color which means she is black with orange, white and coral colored paws. To see her picture, click on my biography and you will see her picture. We got her from a lady my husband works with. Ray bought me home a picture of her and her three siblings. I know. The three little kittens. We went to the lady's house and I chose her. She is the runt of the litter. I named her Bella after Twilight's Bella as I am a big fan. Bella is into everything. She hangs on the blinds of the patio window. She gets on the dining room table and we are trying to break her of that. Sometimes, we put her in the cat carrier for bad behavior. She gets in the phone cords and likes to play in the garden bath tub. She plays musical chairs around my dining room. She loves to fight and bite. She plays in her sandbox. Bella is so nosey. She follows us everywhere. She would get inside our reclining couich so we used some cherry wood and put it on the back of the couch and it looks decorative. I love her dearly but Tigger only jumped on the kitchen counter once in awhile and bit the Christmas tree lights in half at her first Christmas. Bella is active. I love Bella dearly and she does have some good qualities.

Bella likes to lay with me on the couch. She has a stuffed beanie raccoon baby namede Ricky that she loves to play with. I think it reminds her of her brother or her sister. She loves to hide under the covers. She helps me make the bed and type on the keyboard when I am on the computer. She likes to play in the laundry when I am folding it up. She sits on my Ray's leg when he is on the computer. She loves to play with her stuffed mice by our feet. Bella sits with my husband when he is in the recliner. I love when she cuddles against me and attacks me when I walk by. This is her way of being affectionate. It took me a long time to want another kitty. I think Bella will be a great cat when she grows up. She is loving and affectionate. She loves to be petted and give kisses. She loves my mother and loves to have Mom play with her and the stuffed raccoon. She is a treasure when she isn't being a holy terror.

I went to Tigger's grave before I got Bella and told her I was getting a new kitty. I hope she understands and I will see her at Rainbow Bridge someday. I have pictures of Tigger on my computer and I made a small scrapbook of her. I have a few pictures of Bella on my cell phone and Ray has taken pictures of Bella and I will scrapbook them someday. Ray loves her and he carries her around. My heart is healing but Bella is so active but I am in no hurry to have her grow up. It is safe to say I am a cat lover. My Princess is sleeping with Ricky on her blanket in the computer room as I write this. I will continue to love her and she has been to the Vet for her shots. I will write about Bella's progress as she grows. She is three months as of this writing. I love my Bella and Tigger lives in my heart as well. Any suggestions on how to tame an active orny cat who is spoiled? I welcome them!

Angel made the following images.
A Poser of my cat Bella and me by best friend Angel.
A beautiful image of a cat and me. My former cat was Tigger. Just beautiful.

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