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Another essay about my kitty Bella.
Bella is now nine months old. We have had her six months. Someways, she is better. She does sleep more. She is still onry. What has she been up to, you ask? Here goes.

Bella likes to play with her jingle balls in the bath tub. We have a big bath tub and she plays in there with her jingle ball and she will run all over the tub like she is Shaun White when he is snow boarding. It is so cute to watch her. When I am taking a bath, she has fallen in the tub and I have had to dry her off with a towel. She has dropped her toy mice and jingle balls in the tub when I am taking a bath. She will leave her jingle balls in the shower stall.

She scratched the Dining Room wall up so bad that we replaced it with beautiful white pearl acrylic board. It does look pretty. She crawled up the blinds and they were made out of white material and she ruined them. We got new beige blinds with white flowers and they do look pretty. I always hated those white cloth blinds.

We bought her a three piece toy for Christmas. It is attached to a red tarp with wires and jingle balls{I know, jingle balls again!}, feathers and cloth jingle balls. Bella has torn the toy apart 3 weeks since Christmas. She likes to play with the plastic yellow gadget the wires sit on. She also bites the tarp.

Bella saw her first snowflakes falling yesterday. She was sitting in the window and boucning around trying to catch the snowflakes. It was cute to watch her. She loved looking out the blinds out the patio window when the snow was falling. She loved watching my husband with the snow blower. When he got done, he went to the window to talk to her and she was meowing and patting the glass.

We let her run free. She likes to play in the bath tub with her jingle balls for a hour when we are sleeping and trying to sleep. She sleeps good at night but has to have an hour to play with her jingle balls during the night.

My husband has a plaque that he got for restoring his tractor at a tractor show. He also took a picture of the tractor which sits beside the plaque by my Barbie Dolls on a shelf in the computer room. She climbed up on the shelf and took off with the picture. I got it away from her.

She got a plastic bag wrapped around her feet and she panicked. She jumped through the screen to our extra room. {The extra room was built on to out house which has three windows and we keep the windows open to get heat to our living room. The room is enclosed.}. Bella was alright but she was quiet the rest of the night.

Bella still jumps on the Dining Room table and kitchen counters but she has been doing this less. She is loving and affectionate and sleeps in the recliner chair and likes to sleep with me on the couch. She has her own cat bed and blankets and she has the run of the house. She still loves Ricky, her stuffed beanie raccoon.

She has been fixed but it didn't slow her down. She does sleep more even though she fights sleep at times. She is my husband's baby as well as mine. We love her and we would be lost without her. I hope you have a kitty or dog you love. Thanks for reading.

Picture of my kitty Bella.
A Poser of my cat Bella and me by best friend Angel.
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