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by Jaiam
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A poem about losing someone you love
Digital impressionistic image of multi colored water lilies


O, fate does as it wills!
Tosses our little lives about
For good or ill, and we can do
Little more than cling to fleeting
Moments of remembered bliss.

Or, so at times it seems.

A hand held; a kiss recalled;
Love, that for a time, was ours
Alone and then was gone.
Precious consolations granted
Sparingly, in lives that seem so long.

And I am losing you – my love!

My best, most precious
Consolation in this life, is
Leaving, and I can do nothing
But watch as you are fading.

Like the lily on the water,
We saw once while we
Were walking and I said
Would live forever, for

It was too beautiful to die.

The next we saw of it, proved
How foolish I had been, and
Showed us both how frail life is.
For it had wilted near to nothing.
A glimpse of what, for us - was coming.

Now I watch you wilting too!

And all the prayers; the pleading;
The begging; the offers to “take me instead,”
Seem like words whispered to the wind,
Only to be swept away by it.

‘til you remind me of what is best.

That you could never
Linger on like this.
Not with so much more awaiting
Just beyond this vale of tears.

And that I must be strong.
Strong enough
To let you go
Where little lilies on the water,

Can be beautiful - forever!

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