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A smuggler trapped at the airport.
Richie watched the last passenger standing along with him pull his luggage off the belt and walk away. He waited for little longer, watching the entrance of the belt, before thumping his fist on the railing.

"This is ridiculous, where is my baggage?"

The nearest attendant walked up to him "Any problem sir?"

Richie glared at her for a few seconds before responding "My baggage" He pointed to the belt and scowled "Why has it not come yet ?"

The flight attendant seemed unperturbed by his burst of anger and calmly replied
"If you could please give your boarding pass, I will have it checked right away"

Richie threw the boarding pass at the attendant "You better come back with my baggage with in five minutes."

The attendant only smiled before walking away with his boarding pass.

"Excuse me sir."

Richie stopped pacing and turned to face the attendant who a returned rather quickly.

"I don't see my baggage" Richie peeped around.

"If you could step into the office, our officers will answer all your questions"

"Step into your office ? " Richie looked at her with surprise "What for? " His tone bordering on hesitation.

"I don't have answer to that sir. If you could please come with me."

The attendant turned and started walking. With out the boarding pass, Richie had no option but to follow her.

Waiting in the guest area, he had just flipped a few pages of The Time magazine when he spotted the cops jogging into the office.

Richie swore under his breathe as he realized the trap and rose to escape.

"Too late Mr. Richie, or is it Bernard ?" An officer gently pushed him back to the seat as others surrounded him.

"You are under arrest Mr Bernard, for charges of smuggling and murder"

Word Count: 297

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