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Hot & dry can seem relatively cool to people from hot & humid climates.
It's hot in the city today!
The thermometer's a fountain display!
Check on the kids and the elders, Okay?
My, it's hot in the city today!

It's summer, what's not to expect?
The sweat of my face doth reflect
A call to outside to reject
"It's hot in the city all days," I may text.

I want to go out for a run
Sounds cool, it might really be fun
Except that the heat is truly not done,
Drink more water at night or when in sun.

The AC is put to the test
Is it average or better than best?
How wondrous! It works at request,
Exceeding, abundant, I'm overly blessed!

Let's go out to eat on this night!
So, what's on the menu, we'll bite!
A dessert of ice cream it really seems right
So the night in the city is hot! Yes, it's quite!

Belabor the point, I think I just have
but truly it's over the top,
The heat it so much I think I would leave
if money I'd have just to shop.

I live in The South so out of each year
we can live three or four months quite well
But most of the time we express it quite clear
it's hotter than most want to tell.

Our dear friends to The North may think they'll ill used
when experience is 80 or more,
Yet, I tell you the truth we were feeling abused
last Christmas when 'twas 84.

If perspective you need, then I'll give it to you
when you live where we do all can cook,
You need break all your eggs on your hood 'til you're through,
then place on the plates that you took.

You can start out your day with a bite,
You can eat every one if you like,
You can go to your bed looking afright,
It's hot in the city tonight.

by Jay O'Toole
on July 22, 2016

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