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We may argue God's Existence as many gods or no god. Can science exist without one God?
Though some may think me truly odd
to think as still I do,
That there's just One Great Maker, God,
Who made from nothing,...New,

There is no other honest way
to see all that exists,
"Eternal matter" would decay,
though scientist insists.

How could there be no God at all?
The human race is flawed.
Could we some human group yet call
to take the place of God?

For what is God in fullest sense,
but Last Authority?
Can human race by some defense
be just equality?

Is ev'ry human soul so free,
that no one calls his bluff?
Does no rule e'er hang over me
to make me obey stuff?

It would appear, that freedom's reign
is ever held in check,
By freedom others hope to gain
o'er my unstack-ed deck.

So, God has rules to keep Man whole
as Maker always will.
The operating system's goal
makes apps to run with skill.

Now, see you God or see you Man,
but someone fin'lly leads,
For life must always run by Plan,
as we display our deeds.

Evolve we all? Forever not,
direct we course, I trow,
For Chance hath many things forgot,
That Life is planned, I know.

What makes the Earth to keep its tilt?
How dance we with the moon?
Why run we 'round the sun in lilt?
What makes the planets croon?

Can mighty ones hold life on Earth,
while fighting o'er each thing?
Can Nothing ever give us birth?
How did we learn to sing?

The question over God Who lives
makes questions multiply,
Who holds my fate? Who my life gives?
Who comforts, when I die?

No human satisfies my soul
in my extremity,
This God the focus of my goal,
My faith is mine, you see.

Again, I ask in honest verse
can two gods shake the Earth,
While keeping Man alive in course
as valuing our worth?

Or better yet, can no god lead
in Nature's flux each day
To keep the course of life we need
to fly in truest way?

No! There's no other way to see
existence of Mankind
For many gods don't care for me
and "no god" would be blind.

So just One God can create Man
in ev'ry detailed way,
His Name you'd argue by your plan
One Day His Name all say!

Line Count: 68

by Jay O'Toole
on October 31, 2016

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