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Daeneyrs must save her ship at dawn.
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Created for Game of Thrones, Week 5, Prompt #1, week of 27 AUG 2017.

Winner, 5th Place in the Writing Prompt Contest

Prompt 1: Write a story that includes the words ice, sun, fox, ship and fire. Please bold the words, at least the first time you use them. ~ Story

White Harbor

Word Count: 994

She stood next to the round window and looked outside. The sky lightened. Dawn would be here soon. She tugged her flimsy robe tighter around her shoulders.

"What are ya' thinkin'?" His masculine voice pierced the air.

She turned around. The candles burned low, casting dark shadows over the bed. Jon leaned against the headboard. His chest was bare, and his arms rested comfortably at his side.

Daenerys sighed. "What's to come."

"The sun." He chuckled.

She allowed herself a small smile. "You're right, but thinking about our problems--"

"What problems? The Night King? The Winter? Or Us?"

"You aren't a problem." She walked over to the bed, sitting on the side.

Jon reached out and held her hand. "No? When I walk out of here everyone will know. Davos - Missandei - Tyrion."

"Who I sleep with is none of their concern."

"So, why did you sleep with me?"

"Because I'm attracted to you. I don't choose lovers lightly."

"Neither do I. I don't like bein' a bastard and I don't want to make any bastards."

"Jon," she paused, measuring her words. "I am not ashamed of what we did. You are an honorable man and I want that in my life. I want a man who is honorable, and kind, and not afraid to follow his heart despite the problems it might cause. When we walk out that door, yes, they'll know. I want you in my life and I'm not ashamed to admit it."

He swallowed. "I'm not ashamed either. I want the same things. Daenerys, I--"

The ship lurched. Daenerys ran to the window. In the distance several boats, their sails extended raced toward them. "Greyjoy ships!" She exclaimed.

Jon threw off the covers and put on his braises over his muscled legs. He slid on his pants.

There was a knock on the door. Daenerys tightened the sash on her robe and opened the door.

"Missandei. Come in."

Her trusted advisor glanced at Jon, and then back to Daenerys. "Grey Worm says there are three ships approaching at high speed. They are heavily armed. He says we aren't prepared to defend ourselves."

"We'll need the dragons."

Missandei nodded. "Will you fly Drogon?"

"Yes. I'll be at the hold in ten minutes."

"Ten minutes may be all we'll have." Jon frowned.

"It's all we need." Daenerys walked over to her clothes on the floor. "Drogon's fire will destroy those ships."

"I'll tell Grey Worm to prepare," Missandei said.

"I'll go with you and give Grey Worm a hand." Jon slid his shirt over his chest and reached for his furs.

Dany put her hand on Missandei's arm. "Jon and I are lovers. I expect respect and discretion."

"Of course, My Queen." Her mouth hinted at a small, knowing smile which warmed Daenerys heart. Missandei was the closest that Daenerys had to a true friend, and as Daenerys was happy for Missandei's relationship with Grey Worm, she could sense Missandei's happiness for her as well.

"Come on." Jon marched out the door and Missandei followed.

Daenerys finished dressing. She slid on a pair of grey pants and then boots. She put on her winter jacket and snapped her spine chain to her three headed dragon pin. Without hesitation, she opened her door and raced for the dragons' hold. The ship rocked again, and Daenerys knew in that moment the vessel had taken a big hit. It couldn't afford to take another.

Tyrion waited by the door. "This was unexpected."

"Euron Greyjoy had to do something with his fleet. He's a sly fox." Daenerys approached Drogon. He shook his head and snorted, lazily opening his eyes for her.

"We need to fly, my son."

Drogon nodded and lowered his shoulder for her to climb on.

"Daenerys, I don't think it's the entire Greyjoy fleet. We only see 3 ships."


"Maybe they're scout ships."

"Perhaps. Be safe, My Queen." Tyrion's face betrayed his concern.

Daenerys nodded in silent acknowledgement. Tyrion went to the wall and tugged on a string. The wooden ceiling above creaked and began separating. When it was wide enough, Drogon flapped his wings and rose, flying out of the ship and into the dawn. Jon stood next to Grey Worm and both held the rope in their hands that opened the berth.

Dany drew his attention toward the approaching ships. Where was the fleet? She rose into the sky and looked beyond. Nothing.

Turning Drogon toward the enemy she flew high then barreled down.


Drogon opened his mouth and fire burst forth. The ships turned into burning flame, and crumbled into the sea. There were no more Greyjoy ships. Sunrise spilled over the horizon, and yet a sudden frigid chill swept over Daenerys. She turned Drogon and headed north, past her flagship. A small town quickly appeared. White Harbor, she ventured. Covered in snow and ice. Several chimneys filled the air with grey smoke.
Candlelight flickered in the windows of the houses near the shore.

Curious, she flew north of White Harbor, skimming the shore. Drogon spied an animal pen. Goats and pigs ate food from the trough. Daenerys frowned. Drogon was hungry, but this was winter and people needed those animals to feed themselves. Still, her dragon must feed.

She directed his attention to the sea. He skimmed the water. It splashed on Daenerys, yet the cold didn't seem to bother her. She was warm and comfortable on Drogon's heated body. Drogon spied a school of squid.

"Take me back to the harbor and then come here to eat."

Drogon turned and returned Daenerys to the town, placing her on the shore. She could see the Targaryen ship and sails in the distance. Drogon flew off. She crossed her arms, watching her dragon go after his meal, knowing her lover would be with her shortly. Her heart tightened in that moment. She wanted Jon Snow by her side for the rest of her life.
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