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Children's E-book. A comical story about my first fishing trip.
Fishing on Opening Day

with Jo Tow

By: Joe Towe

Fishing opening day of trout season with little Jo Tow.

True story from a time not so long ago.

Jo Tow’s first fishing trip with
Uncle Glenn and cousin Chris.

Hi My name is JoTow.

What's your name?

Want to go fishing ?

Have you ever been fishing ?

I have. One time, anyway.

Let me tell you about it .

It was so much fun.
It's easy peasy.

I didn't catch any fish. I caught a lot of other stuff.

I can't wait until the next time. You can come too.
We will have a ball.

The Air on the River is so fresh.

All kinds of animals watch you.
They hide most of the time. You can still see them if you look hard.

Listen carefully and you will hear the river's music.

Want to go?

All you have to do to get ready to fish .

Get a fishing pole or rod.

Tie some string to the end.

Put a hook on the string.

You’ll need bait.

Get some worms If you want to.
Fish love worms.

They like corn too.

Did you know fish like grasshoppers and bugs?

Put your bait on the hook.

Throw your hook in the water.

You can practice at home. Practice throwing the hook where you want it to land.

When your hook is in the water let it stay as long as you can.

Or until a fish bites the bait’.
You will know when it does.
It will pull your line away from you.

Then you pull it toward you. Try and get the

fish away from the water. Fish will try to jump back in.

Do you like fishing?

I know all about fishing.

My first fishing trip went like this.

Cousin Chris and Uncle Glenn love to fish.
They fish a lot.

They catch a lot of fish.
I heard them talk about it.

I said “Can I go too?”

They said I could go with them. Opening day was coming.

That's when Fishing season opens.
Everybody is there at the river Opening day.
Season opens at twelve o-clock.

The river will fill up with fishermen. A lot get there early to get the best spots.
At Eleven thirty fishermen get confused about the time.
After someone casts their line in the river, most Everyone else does the same. Must be hard to tell time on the river.

I found an old fishing pole with some string and hooks. Oh yeah I found a bucket to put all my fish in.

It was fun on the river.

A lot of trees though.
My hook kept getting tangled.

Uncle Glenn and Chris said I was fishing for squirrels .
They said my hook stays in the tree more than the water .
I wasn't trying to squirrelfish.
I guess it must be hard to get hooked in trees, huh ?

Wouldn't easy getting my hook out of a tree.

Sometimes I would catch that tree good.
I would yank the line until the string would break.

Then I would have to put another hook on.

More string too. Oh yeah, a sinker. They say you have to put sinkers on your hooks to make them sink.

I'm not sure why you want them to sink. Anyway don't forget your sinkers.

A Lot of fishermen use flies.

They say flies are good at catching fish.

Fishers are really nice people.
I heard that fishers may exaggerate at times.

I talked to a bunch Of fishers, while we were fishing.
I learned some things too.
Did you know there were whales in some of these Rivers?

must be. Only A whale is as big as those fish they told me about catching.

Sometimes A fisher would help me get my hook.

Other times I lost it.
One time while I was trying to get untangled, I fell in the river. It was cold
and wet.

I made a lot of waves that day.

Some fisherman would move away from me.
They must have liked me and wanted me to have it all to myself.

I caught a lot of tree branches.

I caught a boot.

Caught a little turtle.

I caught my foot.

I caught Uncle Glen one time.

He didn't like it very much.

I had so much fun. Didn't catch any fish.
Everybody was catching Fish.

I don't think anybody caught as many things as I did.

beginners luck I guess.

Uncle Glenn kept calling me Howard Sprague for some reason.

Uncle Glenn said the one rule about fishing was this.

Always respect nature. Don't Litter. try to clean up any litter.

Have Fun Fishing.

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