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How I get things done by keeping a list.

Dear Friend,

I was thinking about your note commending me for the number of reviews I have done. I appreciate you noticing it. I have reviewed the 10 chapters of Dave Ryan's book "My Girdle is Too Tight." Now I am reading and reviewing 23 poems and illustrations by Shepard for his "A Children's Book of Tarot" book. I made a note on my Just Do It! list to follow up and review an item from each one of my favorites.

I renamed my To Do list to my Just Do It list! I can be a hopeless procrastinator making excuses why this or that on my list did not get done. The new name seems to have a sense of urgency. It has helped me tremendously. Instead of excuses, I meet deadlines. I am more proactive. I am happier.

Why am I writing this? My mind wanders. I have a knack for daydreaming without getting caught. I picture myself sitting on white sand listening to the ocean waves arrive. I play a game to see if I can predict how far the wave will reach coming in. In the next instant, I will be driving up the incline road to Lake Tahoe anticipating the first view of the incredibly blue Donner Lake. In the next moment, I am praying incessantly. I am doing this because I want to improve, grow, and add as many things I can possibly get done in the short 24 hours a day.

See, my replies are usually long enough to meet the minimum word count of a short story. I have things on my Just Do It! list.

Have a good week!


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