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by Joseph
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In a post apocalyptic world, Kat and Chris embarks on a quest to find the tree of life.
The Odyssey of the Eternal Tree

In a mere span of three hours, the Great War was over leaving the planet in ruins and devoid of any victors. Titan missiles used to destroy communication satellites inadvertently devastated the atmosphere to a pitiful state. No longer capable of protecting the planet from the powers of space and sun. Solar flares bombarded the planet rendering useless all devices spawned from the cyber Gods.

Civilization is only a memory. Primitive chaos and anarchy remains for the few survivors, near extinction from fighting amongst themselves. Mankind's only hope comes from one small determined group of survivors who looked to the ancient scrolls for a solution. Chris and Kat have found convincing evidence that in fact the eternal Tree of Life exists.

Chris is a natural born mountain man. Yep, it is said that Chris grew up in the woods so he knew every tree, brushed his teeth with a porcupine, wore a rattlesnake for a hat and rode a bear before he was three. Married to beautiful Kat, together a force existed. With a few friends and family members they embark on a quest to find the Tree of Life.

A mystical tree which is said to bear 12 manners of fruit, that it yields monthly. The leaves of the tree will be for the healing of the nation's. From ancient text and parts of old maps, Kat and Chris were convinced they knew the location of the tree. They were puzzled though as to how the leaves of the tree could heal the Nations. It was decided they would have to cross that bridge when they came to it.

The Kat, Chris expedition gather at the Ancient Hall of Books, a huge cathedral church-like structure with high stained glass windows, lined with shelves’ full of books.
The rise of the cyber age decades ago left paper books obsolete, replaced by digital books .The Ancient hall of books was abandoned and grew up with vegetation.

The expedition travels at first in the stealth of the night so as not to be detected by anything or anyone. Maneuvering around any signs of human activity until they enter Radiation Mountain where humans dare not go. It is said no-one returns from Radiation Mountain. After entering the mountain the sound of a deep echoing howling wind could be heard but no wind felt. They came upon the remains of an ancient village where they found mysterious petroglyphs with carvings and writing. They paused to study the text, this is what they read.

In the beginning, when the world was still young, the Great Spirit looked upon the vast expanse of land and sky and decided to create something truly remarkable.
The Great Spirit reached into the depths of the Earth and gathered the most vibrant colors, shaping them into exquisite feathers. With a gentle breath, the feathers transformed into magnificent birds, soaring high above the towering mountains and crystal-clear lakes.

These birds possessed an ancient wisdom and were known as the Spirit Messengers. They were tasked with carrying messages from the Great Spirit to the people, guiding them on their journey through life. Each bird represented a different aspect of creation and held the knowledge of what lay ahead.

The first Spirit Messenger, adorned with wings of brilliant gold, represented the creation of the Earth.
It spoke of the balance between the elements, teaching the people to respect and care for the land that nourished them.
The second Spirit Messenger, with feathers as blue as the endless sky, revealed the secrets of the future, sharing prophecies and guiding the people towards their destinies.

They continued their journey up Radiation Mountain without any problems, no people or predators to be seen. Near the top of the lower peaks their 3rd day they awoke to howling sounds like wolves howling at the full moon. They continued up the steep terrain, still hearing the howling wolf sounds even though it was daylight.

All of a sudden wolf-like creatures with faces like a man attacked leaping off the cliffs above. One landed on top of Chris knocking him to the ground with fangs coming at his neck Chris sliced off its head with his Bowie knife. An offal stench filled the air. Immediately some of the other creatures started feeding on the dead one. Vicious hungry Wolf-creatures with faces like a man. The group had prepared in case they were attacked, forming a circle to defend with their makeshift weapons, Spears bows and arrows; they fought hard, killing many of the wolf creatures. The creatures started feeding on the dead ones, giving the group a chance to make their escape.

“That was close Chris, what in the world were those things?” Kat asked.
“I don't really know. I guess maybe they once were wolves and the radiation must have affected them causing some kind of mutation, Kat.”
“But why did they have faces like humans? looks more like some kind of weird science experiment gone wrong. Do you think they will be back? Chris.”
“I figure they will honey. We best be prepared for them. Be looking for a good defensive place where we can make a camp. like on top of a hill that you can see all around. Someplace easy to defend. Then we'll work on making more arrows and Spears and knife-like steaks. We will mix up some more of that poison to put on all the tips..” Chris answered as he picked up pace climbing up a steep hill.
“Chris, let's make it stronger this time it was taking some of them too long to die.” Kat said between breaths as moved quickly up the steep terrain.

They knew the creatures would be back. Hours later the Wolf-Creatures were back and more of them. Chris, Kat and the group fought hard using up the last of their weapons with surgical precision Before making their escape downhill toward the sound of a river. The Wolf-creatures aggressively on their heels when miraculously Chris spotted what appeared to be a small cave opening. If the creatures followed they would have to enter in single file, Chris liked these odds better. Seemed Like the best place to make what might be their last stand. They entered with the wolf creatures stalling at the entrance.

“That looks like light down this way, ya’ll.” Kat Yelled as she was scouting around The Cave.

Oddly a bright light deep down in the cave was seen. With the howling sounding closer they ran right into the light then began falling through what felt like deep water. Some kind of magical portal.

Waking to bright blue skies in a lively green forest projecting a peaceful kind of sensation. The wolf-creatures no more. In the distance a large structure could be seen. It looked like the Ancient Hall of Books, they headed toward it as they got closer they could hear singing. To their amazement the hall was filled with cheerful people singing happy songs. There was no grass growing in the structure, just the opposite; it appeared new as if it hadn't even been built that long ago. Some of the people greeted them and gave them drinks and food. They were called Daynites. They had heard not of the world Chris and Kat had left or of any portal.

Finally the group were able to get some well needed rest while replenishing their weapons supply before continuing their quest to find the Tree of Life. They told the Daynites about the ancient scrolls. The Daynites told them of an old legend that spoke of an enchanted forest possessing magical trees.
The direction of the legend was the same as the map they had put together from the ancient scrolls. Could it be the forest that is home to the Tree of Life?

The sky instantly turned black as the quickest storm that Chris and Kat had ever witnessed appeared above them. The Daynites said it was typical and it would be over within a few minutes. The wind howled blowing water and ice down to the tune that had never been seen by the group. When it ended the Daynites were gone. The Ancient Hall of Books was grown up with grass the same as where they started.
The group continued on their Journey.
From the height of the mountain they could see way ahead in the distance a wide river in front of a lush looking green forest. They felt sure it must be the enchanted forest the Daynites legend spoke of.
On the forth day they were right outside the entrance to the forest. A good night's rest and then early in the morning as Kat was preparing breakfast. She was inspired to start singing some hymns from the old days. She had a gifted voice for singing.

A nice day and the first good calm the party had had in quite some time. A small flock of large birds flew over and circled back landing in trees near the camp. The group had never seen such odd looking birds. A few of the larger ones got closer as Kat continued singing.
Chris went behind a tree to relieve himself when he heard a voice. It was one of the birds speaking to him.

The bird said “ that is quite a pleasant sound your wife is making.”
Chris was perplexed but he said “Kat has a beautiful voice”.
The bird said his name was Goldar; they were of the spirit Birds from the ancient world. Goldar told Chris that never had any visitors made it to the enchanted Forest. Chris told them of their quest and the perils they had been through. The birds were all intrigued by the stories from the strange visitors. Goldar said they would be close by, if Kat would be singing now and again. Chris was happy to hear this. Friends with eyes in the sky.

Finally the group makes it to the border of the enchanted forest. The forest is behind a medium-sized calm-looking river that will have to be crossed to get to the forest.
A deep river the party scouts up and downstream for a place where they might cross. No such place is found.

Chris, Kat and the rest of the group devise a plan for crossing the Enchanted River. They will build a raft then paddle downstream until a good entrance is found. Chris finds a large bamboo thicket nearby perfect to build a raft, and maybe rest.

They begin preparing the wood and braiding vines together to form some rope. A peaceful place with no problems that they can see, they start forming a durable raft. As they have a raft just about worthy for water. A fierce barking sound is heard in the distance, coming closer. A sound similar to a pack of coyotes or wild dogs, approaching fast. The group quickly finished the last construction for the raft then pushed it in the water. Just before a large pack of howling Hell-dogs hunting for their next meal. The group completes the last ties for the raft while floating away in the water. Glory be it floats, seems pretty sturdy even though Chris says he would have liked to have had a little more time for inspection and testing. There were a bunch of enormous Hell-dogs who followed and watched from the river's bank.

This river appears to be two or three hundred yards across with no bottom seen. The party is very relieved that they didn't have to engage the Hell-dogs. With the homemade oars they paddle constantly.
The river is determined to hold them in the current. The night sky approaches as the river begins moving faster, getting swifter. White caps start to appear while a freezing mist soaks them, the current continues to gain momentum. The party struggles, working harder they can’t escape the rapids. The gentle tune of the river had changed into more of an acid rock tune. In an instant they're on a wild white water adventure trying to dodge large rocks. The roaring sound from an approaching waterfall can be heard.

Chris yells to everyone to find something to hang on to. The river was consumed with white water bouncing the raft around from rock to rock. They paddle as hard as they can but they cannot get free from the swift current. Losing all control, the river takes them where it will.
Tossing and spinning the raft even sucking it under water at times. The party is now traveling backwards smashing against large boulders with the waterfall just ahead. The boulders’ tare apart the raft. The party is about to lose all hope when Goldar with the spirit birds appear ahead: followed astonishingly by the bright light of the portal. The party swimming for their lives now heads in the direction of the light. Instantaneously the group is falling through the portal landing back at the Ancient Hall of Books.

They've returned to where they started. The Ancient Hall of Books is no longer ancient, an earlier time before digital books and the great war. Goldar lands close to them, he explains to Chris that the great spirits granted him the power to send them back years earlier so that possibly they can persuade the peoples’ of the world to live in peace. Instead of destroying their self-centered world. Goldar blesses Chris and Kat with a power of persuasion and confidence to help them accomplish their new mission.

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