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A dying man is determined to see in the new year.
"How long ...?" Tears stung Cathy's eyes.

"It won't be long. You need to get the family here ... and soon." The doctor put the chart back in the rack and headed out the door of the small side room.


Wilf's eyes were closed. An oxygen tube ran across his face. The TV was on with the sound turned down low. Cathy sat by his side holding his withered hand. She glanced at her watch. Twenty minutes until midnight. Where were her brothers? They should be here by now.


Images appeared on the screen of revellers in Trafalgar Square. Wasn't that Bob in the crowd? Wilf's eyes opened. "Time?"

"Ten minutes to midnight."


Laughter came from the ward. Why shouldn't the staff be celebrating. They had a lot to put up with. Wilf loosened his grip on Cathy's hand. She glanced at her watch again. Two minutes to go. Wilf signalled that she should turn up the sound.


Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one ... Bong!

"Happy New Year, Cath"


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