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An atheist is simply a man who works with the wrong tools in the wrong place
There was a man beside the lake
Who told me that the stars were fake
As he looked upon the spotted night
On dark waters under starlight

I said, 'Look up into the night sky'
He shook his head and asked me why
'Because the real stars are in heaven'
I tried to explain my lesson

He laughed at me and spoke clearly
Told me quite severely
That there was no point in looking there
He preferred solid ground to thin air

Then he threw stones at the mirrored dots
Ripples broke the lights as his shots
Pounded the waters with conviction
'See,' he said, 'the stars are fiction!'

Though I prayed my eyes raised up
He did not believe in a higherup
So we did not speak of a God of love
Nor that stones can't reach the stars above
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