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Notes and musings for my novel Nezoom 02/11/24
The Planet Shill

Everything on the planet has a shimmer to it of silver and white, at least where the Shiloh live in the mountains where GaiaZa is plentiful. The Shiloh are the only ones who use it in their diets and, as far as they know, possibly the only hydrogen based lifeforms. The other inhabitants seem more hostile and speak a much more vulgar version of Shilah. War surely would of torn the planet apart if it wasn't for the comet. The Shiloh couldn't leave the other races to die so they gave the others the rest of the knowledge and parts they would need to send who was able to the stars. The Shiloh had learned long ago that when they went out of their way for others their own prosperity and happiness grew by leaps and bounds.

Our planet was beautiful when I came to be. There were parts that were green fields with sprinklings of every color imaginable of flowers. There were emerald green swamps and apple green forests. There were even golden farm fields.

The Shiree combined DNAs long ago on Nezoom, some of which were neanderthal humans. This is where the humanoid featurres of many Nezoomians came from. The Shiloh hated the havoc that has been caused by the Shiree but believe The Powers That Be would not have let it develop the way it had unless it was meant to be. How many other races from Shill made it into sppace?

SHILOH Philosophy - The universe itself is deity and to worship it one must strive to reach their fullest potential and help others reach theirs.

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