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It mainly base on Africa women experiences in matrimonial home and the illusion of it

I'm a feminine,
Endowed with lot of bounteous aesthetic/beauty,
Nothing can douse my ignite the resplendent fire,
Even if eve stays everlasting (Eternal).

When all I learnt from matriarchy,
Is to keep and behold my luck,
When I took gaze into reality of the world,
I found my solace and romp,not only from words.

The world expects more than virtues,
But can't bear the pain and thrill I passthrough.
Nothing has changed from the race of maternity,
Exactly just like grandma narrated thee(matriarchy).

Illusions of marital status keep echoing,
Reminding me of the retold quote “ ilé ọkọ ìlé ẹkọ”,
Happy home I dreamt was mirage,
Misfortunes of inconsiderate in-law rage.

What huge kin mishap befalls on me,
Mother-in-law who belonged to the world,
Became my foe when I expected friendship,
ill- treat isn't enough for me to quit.

Nights of brutality remind me of my mother,
And her wistful memories she uttered,
All what she kept saying “Tori ọmọ ni” not for me,
Yours, worth living in unsentenced bondage.

©AyoBami Pen

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