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Erotic feeling it's a poem that explain how a guy after he was being jilted by hisblover
No strength to love

Was the night, the night?
When we started to love,
Counting days is all I've been doing,
by passes of those awful times,
Not counting of memories I adore,
That echoes in me kept me away from smile,
Tears became my eyes lens,
That stop me from visualizing that genuinely love,
Thinking maybe I don't belong to that world,
Trying on Jupiter, Uranus, Mars
Probably they can restore my broken heart,
And fix those broken bridges, heal those heart aching wounds, and give oxygen to my seizing heart. You came with breath and taught how to breath and now you're taking it away,
How will I survive it?
You made me a rain walker,
Walking in the rain became the source of my happiness and stop me from reminiscing that I once walk with you on same lane holding your hand so firm
like I won't let it go, even if I recall,
The rain hide my tear, don't think I have the strength to follow your path, love as do me a lot of harrowing scene

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