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Fantasy and reality combined, infused within my creative.
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Life’s real hard, when nothing goes right
Looking for a start, waiting for it to feel right
Drowning all my fears
With whiskey and tears
Through many empty years

I was working behind the scenes
Filled with desire, longing and loss
They say love’s blind
Yeah, I’ve been kind
Yeah, I’ve hit rewind

And my issue is this:

(Yeah) Read between the lines, and you’ll know me
(Yeah) Caught for all time, but you’ll never hold me
A cage without any bars
Encased with many hidden scars
Chased away with whiskey filled Mason jars

(Yeah) I gave up control, setting you free
(Yeah) Without my direction, sink or swim
I was proposing upon me knee, but you didn’t see
Who you were truly to me.

Honey its hard, being used, kept out of sight
Ignored and bruised, in a directionless fight
But you’ll finally see
You’ll come for me
Within my art filled fantasy

So, wherever you are, you can’t hide it
You know what I want, no sense denying it
There’s nothing to fear
I’m whispering in your ear
Are my words crystal clear?

(Back to the top, repeat a second time)

(Yeah) Like a puppet within a play, on open display
I took control, by dispensing my light
Dressed you up all in white
Encased you with love, day and night
Hiding in plain sight, fighting the fight

(Yeah) Cause and effect, causing great change
I gave away my life, out of simply love
Without any strings, hidden in the wings
I got away, I walked away, life isn’t a play
Although I’ve been had, you’ve been framed
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