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Nigeria instability as under develop country
The Country Called Nigeria

Nigeria is a flourishing country,
filled with milk and honey,
but still we are mourning,
from this unforgettable memoir of colonies,
they laid down demo and democratic,
but practicing auto and autocratic,
no one can stand in their way as a critic.
Federation is falling into their feet,
1960 was dated independenct,
foci on the pouncing of our autonomist,
hoping liberation lies in their pronouncement,
that depends on gerontocracy, Anti Semitism, Racist.

Looking back to our heroes past,
it will be a shame seeing what they dreamt,
had been ramshackle by our greedy autocrat,
Where have we got it all wrong?,
starving commoners lay down on street like decedent,
Nigerians, where are we going?,
the trending of saddening reportages,
that caged people into their problematic ticklish.
leaders we elected were growing gigantic bellies,
they deserted their subject,
they dine and wine to stupor,
while the subjects are feeding on terror,
their manifestos are false like
and their words become rumors,
masses blame themselves for putting them in post
and realizing their errors.

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