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Talk about cowardice action of a territory that succumb to their invader
Tainted Fear

Our beloved home was once a joyous land,
Flourishing with hopes and betterment,
Land filled with milk and honey,
We drink from the floating of a peaceful river,stream and well,
And also dine from the germinating soil of the land.

The elder head with wisdom endowed in them,
The adults took after the elder deed,
The young age were happy and cheerful,
Because they could hope for the better future,
MmWith the preservation they saw.

Nobody expect the invasion of caesarism,
We felt the warm of blowing breeze in the morning,
Evening turned out to be our miseries,
They douse our land with the blood of the owners,the land gulps our blood like it's thirsty.
You took over our land,like you own it,”you vile”, the God folded in silence and watched us perish.
Like we never appease the God, with the surplusage sacrifice gifts.
Neglected, that's what we felt, as we gladly embrace the torment of the pillage.

The elder that ones rule with wisdom,
“Kilo de t'afi wa l'ayé ba ipayinkeke yii”, Elder exclaimed!, as they bit their fingers of penitence. Shame split phlegm of disrepute onto the face of our feeble primitive.
They blame themselves for living so long to witness this arrestment.
Our so called land became another belonging,
We all regret the sunrise, which we felt was warm, but couldn't feel the sunset, but dreadful.

That night was eerie and horrifying.
Hopefully, maybe we can restore back our lost abode.
We dream to be safe and regain our sane et Al.
When the lost children can find their lost mothers,
When the adult that survive can grow older,
To tell the account of the other,
When mother can pour out again to their younger(children),
And we can learn to indulge our dear
descendants' courage not into niggard.


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